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Happy Release Day! Superstition by Tori Scott

When Caitlyn Deveraux's brother Gage is killed in Iraq, she receives a necklace as part of his personal effects that she thinks is a trinket he'd purchased for her. When she scatters his ashes according his exact instructions and repeats the words he'd written, she accidentally inhales some of the ashes. From that moment on, her life as a quiet librarian is turned upside down.

Jacob Littlejohn was not only Gage Deveraux's best friend, he was his team mate at Team Indigo. He should have been there to protect Gage, but he wasn't. Now he's determined to protect Caitlyn from the men who are after the necklace. It's no trinket, but rather a powerful amulet that could have devastating consequences if it fell into the wrong hands.

Caitlyn doesn't know how to handle the new powers she's received, so she heads back to her village, to her grandmother, to try to understand what's happening to her. In doing so, she brings danger to her people and gets involved in Team Indigo's current mission--the same mission that got her brother killed. She enlists the aid of her people and her three best friends, and together with Jacob and Team Indigo, they set out to stop a power-hungry General.

Friday, December 09, 2011

New Review for Blame it on Texas

5 Stars by P. A. Lane

Tori has an undescribable way of creating and developing characters and story lines that grab my attention and hold it until I finish the book. I care for the characters like people I know and feel their feelings. Steamy, but not sexed to death. I got it one day and finished the next after work and had thought of the book during the day. I have read three of Tori's books and can recommend anything she writes. Great job, Ms. Scott!!!

Blame it on Texas is available as a free download for Amazon Prime members for the next 90 days. Get your copy now!

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I'm at The Hoopla!

Click the title above, or go to to read the article. And thank you to Wendy Harmer for inviting me to share my thoughts!

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New Reviews for Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jolie gave it 5 stars!


This is a story that will knock your socks off. The pages practically sizzled and I couldn't read them fast enough. I'm always a sucker for the old flame story, and this one doesn't disappoint. Highly recommended.

J gave it 5 stars!

Loved it!

I don't normally leave reviews, but I read this story last night and fell in love with the characters. The emotions were well done and authentic. I just bought the sequel because I must know what happens to Reggie and Sam.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

New Review for Blame it on Texas

Dr. Debra gave it 5 stars!

Absolutely Loved It!

I absolutely loved this book. Tori Scott roped me in with the first paragraph, and I read it through without stopping. I'd never read a Western where the hero didn't love his ranch. Well this hero hates his family ranch. What a unique beginning. The story was beautifully written and heartfelt. I loved all the characters. I loved the small town. I can't wait to read more stories set in this town. Bring on Carol and Jake's story, Tori Scott!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Made the Top 100!

The highest I've ever been. Made the top 100 Paid in Kindle Store. (Perfectly Satisfied)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #83 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#1 in Books > Romance > Anthologies
#6 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Contemporary
#7 in Books > Romance > Contemporary

Woo-Hoo! Many, many thanks to my readers!

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Review for Blame it on Texas

4 Stars By Romance Novel Junkies "Lady Raven Rave"

Logan has left home since he was eighteen and hasn't return since. Now that his father has suffered a stroke, he has returned home to help care for him. While back home, he is worried about his daughter Katie. Megan stumbles upon Katie, who has run away from home. When she returns Katie to her father, she falls in love with Logan and his family.


This was a mellow and sad at times story. I think the author did a great job building a story around this Texas family. Though the story is about Megan and Logan's growing relationship throughout the story, it is also about Katie and the family. Katie is the daughter of Logan. Katie definitely was a child that was very determined, and had her issues dealing with her parents. Logan has issues, but I think everything for him came full circle towards the end, which includes Megan.

Though I mentioned sad moments, this shouldn't be discouraging, as everything brought the story together that gave me different stages of emotions that I went through.

Storyline: GOOD
Enjoyment: GOOD

Better Than Sex Pie--a Family Favorite

This is my contribution to the Book & Cook Holiday Blog Festival.

This recipe is easy to make and serves 12 if you can keep people from grabbing seconds before everyone is served (not easy). The combinations of crunchy crust and smooth toppings and sweet fillings with the tart cream cheese makes it taste as heavenly as it looks. My picture here does not do it justice. If you want to make it look really special, you can add curled chocolate shavings on top.

Better than Sex Pie


1c flour
1 stick margarine, softened
1/2c chopped nuts

Blend together well and press into bottom of 13"x9"x2" pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes

2nd layer

1c powdered sugar
1 package cream cheese (8oz)

Mix thoroughly until smooth

Stir in 1c Cool Whip (get 12oz container)

Spread on cooled crust

3rd layer

2 packages instant chocolate pudding, (Or any flavor you like) 3-1/2 oz each
3 cups milk

Mix thoroughly and pour onto first two layers. Chill until pudding is set

4th layer

Top with remaining Cool Whip and sprinkle with more nuts if desired.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New review for Perfectly Satisfied

Sweet Romance leaving you Perfectly Satisfied
Cinful1121 gave it 5 stars!

This story picks up where we left off in book 1 "Satisfaction Guaranteed" bringing our favorite characters smoothly into Sam and Reggie's HEA. The story was balanced really well managing to include Cara and Gray as well as the introduction of Mitch and Angel all the while never overshadowing the main couple. Something that stood out to me and was truth be told refreshing was the slight awkwardness and uncertainty Sam went through. Don't get me wrong strong, alpha male leads are hot but every now and again it's nice to change it up, which this author did perfectly. I can't wait to see where she takes us next!

Ready. Set. GO!

That's right! It's time for the Book Lovers' Buffet Holiday Extravaganza. Ninety-four authors offering their books for just $0.99 each so you can stock up on your favorite genre, give books as Christmas gifts, or break in that new Kindle Fire. Stop by, check them out, and load up. We guarantee you won't gain a pound from feasting on our buffet.

10,000 Sales in November!

Amazon just reported my 10,000th sale for the month of November at about 4:45 pm Central time. I am so excited about this I can barely sit still. This was a real validation moment for me as an author. A huge thank you to every single person who has purchased one of my books, and an extra thanks to those who have left positive reviews because those help so much!

Love y'all!


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How Much is an Author Worth?

I had someone tell me the other day that an author should be thrilled to make $1000 on each book they wrote.

Really? That averages out to about $10 an hour, I suppose, if you're a fast writer, don't need to do research, and have no expenses. So if I wrote 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, just like a "real" job, it would take me about 2 1/2 weeks to write a book. I could write almost 2 books a month, so I'd make about $1600 a month.

But...that's before taxes, so figure that I'm going to pay 15% social security and 10% income tax on that income, I have to pay for my own health insurance, dental insurance, and any fees for advertising, web hosting, etc. out of that too. Now I'm down to about $600 a month net. Can you live on that? Neither can most authors. And writing doesn't work that way (unless you're Nora Roberts, who I've heard CAN write 8 hours a day, every day.) It takes time to come up with an idea, a title, characters, names, a cover image (those can take a full day of searching sometimes.) It takes even more time to rewrite, edit, & re-edit because God forbid there should be a typo in the manuscript. If there is, some readers will murder you in the reviews. Then there's the full day it takes to write front and back matter, format, and upload the books. And after that you have to promote it or it will languish.

Most authors need to make at least $10,000 per book to make a living wage. That's figuring on 4-5 books per year. But what if you write slowly, or you're the kind of writer who wants every word to be perfect, every scene and sequel and transition to flow and have meaning? Then you're not going to write 8,000 words a day every single day without needing editing time. And you're not going to live well on $10,000 per book. You're going to need to make $20,000, $25,000 or more per book to make a decent wage from your writing.

If your book sells for $0.99 on Amazon or B&N, that means you have to sell 60,000 to 100,000 copies to earn what you need to on that book. Not many authors sell 5,000 copies of their books per month. And yet if you price it higher, say at $2.99 each, you're going to sell way fewer copies than you would at $0.99. It would take selling 10,000 to 25,000 copies of each book to earn a living. But readers begin to balk at paying $2.99 per book. They think, since they're e-copies, they should be cheaper. But the price isn't about the cost to sell, but about value.

We think nothing of plopping down $8.99 for a Nora Roberts book. That's because we perceive her value as worth that amount of money. But would you spend that much on an unknown author? Probably not. But that unknown author may be just as good, and just as worthy, as Nora. You just won't know it until you read it.

At some point, authors have to make a living at what they love--writing--or they're going to have to return to the regular workforce to pay the bills. And then they're too tired to write, or too discouraged, or too stressed. And you will miss out on some of the best stories yet to be written.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Christmas Wish, Woman's World Short Story 2005

My very first sale was a romantic short story, sold to Woman's World magazine in 2005. It was featured in the magazine's Christmas issue.

The Christmas Wish

Carrie finished her work and hurried outside to catch the last bus. She hated working late, hated standing in the dark, freezing, as she waited for the crowded bus. Tonight would be worse than usual since it was Christmas Eve and the bus would be filled with shoppers.

When it finally arrived, the bus looked as if it couldn’t hold another passenger. Carrie took a deep breath and pushed her way through the crowd. There wasn’t a single seat left, and not much in the way of standing room. She smiled and grabbed a spot in front of a man decked out in full Santa gear. As a child she’d loved her holiday visits to Santa and still remembered her disappointment the year her mother told her she was too big to sit on Santa’s knee.

The bus lurched forward and almost sent Carrie flying. Santa grabbed her arm and held her in place. “Thank you,” she said. “This is going to be a long ride.”

Santa smiled. “I’d offer you my seat, but with this bulky costume, I wouldn’t fit in the aisle.”

His voice was deep and smooth, and he sounded younger than she’d expected. His blue eyes twinkled when he smiled, making Carrie wish he’d pull off the fake beard so she could see his face. “That’s okay,” she said. “I’m fine.”

That wasn’t quite true. She was far from her family on the night before Christmas, and she’d be spending Christmas day alone for the very first time. Unexpected tears welled in her eyes at the thought of the lonely night and day ahead of her.

“Hey, are you sure you’re okay?”

Too choked up to speak, Carrie just nodded. Looking around at the other passengers, she saw that most of them were with someone else, chatting animatedly. Only she and Santa Claus seemed to be traveling alone.

The bus pulled to a stop and more passengers crowded on. Carrie let go of the pole and scooted back against Santa’s legs to make room for a woman with an armload of boxes. When the bus pulled away, she found herself sitting in Santa’s lap.

Before she could scramble to her feet, the woman with the boxes had taken her place at the pole and blocked Carrie in. “This is so embarrassing,” she said to Santa. “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not. You’re the best-looking female I’ve had on my lap all day. And as long as you’re here, why don’t you tell me your name and what you want for Christmas?”

Carrie laughed and brushed the tears from her eyes. “I’m too old to believe in Santa Claus.”

“It’s not a matter of age. It’s a matter of faith. Now what would you ask for if you could have anything?”

Carrie sobered as she thought of her greatest wish. “I’d wish I could be with my family for Christmas.”

“Where are they?”

“In California. I just moved to Chicago to start a new job and I couldn’t afford to fly home. This will be my first Christmas alone.”

Santa looked thoughtful. “Well, my sleigh will be full tonight, so I can’t fly you home. But I might be able to offer you the next best thing.”

Carrie smiled at the thought of arriving on her parents’ rooftop in a sleigh. “And what would that be?”

“You could come spend Christmas with me and my family.”

Carrie turned to look at him, to see if he was serious. From the look in his eyes, he was. “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t even know you and your wife probably wouldn’t want a stranger in her house on Christmas.”

Santa shook his head. “I don’t have a wife—Christmas is at my parents’ home, complete with two brothers and a sister, and seven nieces and nephews. There will be plenty of chaperones, and I can guarantee you my mother would be thrilled if I brought someone home for the holiday.”

He grinned, and Carrie realized she’d seen that grin somewhere before. “Do I know you?”

Santa whispered conspiratorially, “I’m wearing this beard for a reason, but if you’ll promise not to say anything…” He pulled the beard down just long enough for her to get a good look at his face.

Her eyes widened. “You’re--”

He placed a finger across her lips. “Shhh. You promised.”

“What are you doing playing Santa Claus?” Carrie couldn’t believe she was sitting on the lap of a well-known news anchor and that he’d invited her home for Christmas. “And why are you riding the bus?”

“I played Santa for the kids at Children’s Hospital today, and I loaned my mother my SUV so she could pick up a large gift for my dad. So, do you accept my invitation?”

She had a choice between Christmas alone and Christmas with a large family and a man she’d admired each night on the evening news. It wasn’t a difficult decision. “If you’re sure, I’d love to accept.”

He nodded. “I’m sure. And if you’re not busy tonight, would you have dinner with me? And then could you help me wrap a bunch of packages I left until the last minute?”

“I’d love to. And I’m an expert wrapper.” Maybe there really was a Santa Claus after all, Carrie thought as she remembered his words. It’s a matter of faith.

First Review for Blame it on Texas!

5 stars by cinful1121

I loved this book it was wholesome yet steamy, the characters were engaging and a total page turner straight to the end! I felt emotionally invested in this story from the beginnning and was sent on an emotional roller coaster throughout. This author managed to write about serious life and realtionship issues just as seamlessly as steamy sex scenes that raise your body temp a coupla degrees ;) I have read everything I can get my hands on by this author and have never been disappointed so I would gladly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good solid read! Get it, read it, enjoy as much as I did!

New Release! Blame it on Texas

Logan Tanner shook the red dust of West Texas off his boots at the age of eighteen and hasn't looked back. When his father has a stroke, Logan is temporarily forced to return home and take over the family ranch. He still feels responsible for his mother's death when he was twelve, and has never gotten over the guilt. Now he's faced with having to protect his twelve year old daughter Katie and his sister and her friend Megan Flynn. It's nearly more than one man can handle. He can't wait to get back to Dallas.

Megan Flynn immediately falls in love with Morris Springs, Texas, population 976, when she delivers Logan's runaway daughter to his doorstep. Raised as a city girl, Megan has a dream of a few acres, a few champion Blue Heelers, and a small-town veterinary practice. The only thing standing between her and her dream is one stubborn, reluctant cowboy with an overprotective streak as wide as the West Texas prairie. But her stubborn streak is a match for his any day. And she's determined to prove it.

Blame it on Texas is a story of the power of love to overcome any adversity, the strength of family and friendship, and the joy that comes with being part of something bigger than yourself.

approximately 240 pages
60,000 words

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Blue Wrote a Blog Post

Confucius Cat invited Blue over for a gab fest. Check it out at

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Cover Poll

For the upcoming release, Blame it on Texas. I'm trying to decide on a cover. Any opinions, comments, and votes would be appreciated. Which one do you like better? Any suggestions to make the covers look better? I really wanted the dog on the cover because he plays a fairly big part in the book, but I like the composition of the other cover better. What do you think?

And....We're Number 1

Perfectly Satisfied hit #1 in Anthologies on Amazon this morning and is #15 in Contemporary Romance. Can it hold the number one spot as long as Satisfaction Guaranteed did? (7 weeks) I sure hope so! It's also listed as a Hot New Release.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Too Cool Not to Share...

Click the link above and you'll see Perfectly Satisfied listed on Amazon as a Hot New Release, right next to Diana Palmer and Debbie Macomber. Woo-Hoo!

5 Stars!

My newest favorite author!, November 19, 2011
By Victoria Fredrix "Fred" (USA) -
This review is from: Perfectly Satisfied (Kindle Edition)

I was in love with SAm from the start. Reggie balances him just right. Anyone who buys this is going to get hooked on Tori's romances. She knows a feel good story when she writes one. I think I must line my cyber shelves with Tori Scott Novels and novellas. She never disappoints.

New Review for Lone Star Justice

Five Stars by By Sharyn Lynes

"This is a very enjoyable and entertaining book which will hold your interest from the first page. It is a reminder that no matter how a person begins life, hard work and determination will triumph in the end. An unwed single mother who is literally driven out of her home town, becomes a respected criminal court Judge. Respected and admired by her peers in the judicial world, Judge Maddie Cooper returns to her home town to proctect her young daughter from an insane stalker/serial killer. Judge Maddie Cooper must face and deal with the heartbreak and betrayal that drove her from the town years ago. She also has to face the Father of her child, who does not know he is a father. I will read this book again in the future as it is well written and very enjoyable.?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New review for Perfectly Satisfied

By H. M. Taylor "silvarie"

"I loved this book! The best thing about it is the characters. Sam is a yummy hero; he really got to me for some reason. I shall remember him for a long time. Reggie is a great heroine, feisty and independent without being annoying. They made a wonderful couple. This is one of those stories where the author got it just right in my opinion. I will be looking out for the next in the series."

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I'm Romance Novel Junkie's Author of the Week!

Click the post title above to see my author feature on Romance Novel Junkies. I love Monique and the RNJ group. Friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @RomanceAuthorsL @romanceJUNKIES.

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It's Fun to Look Back

I spent the last hour reading through old blog posts. It's amazing how much has changed in the 6-7 years since I started this blog. I used to be a lot chattier about life back then, for one thing. Now the blog is more about the books than about me. Or maybe I was just more interesting back then. Life today is all about work and writing. Most of the animals are gone, so there's not much to write about there. Kids have grown up and moved out, and the youngest share absolutely nothing about their lives, so not much in the way of anecdotes.

For those who've followed my kids' school and career activities, an update: Tana was laid off from her engineering job at TI, so she got her teacher certification and is now teaching high school algebra. Tony, Jr. got married a couple of years ago and is now step-dad to three teenagers and is working for Google. Timothy moved to southern California, where he does the website design for Rebecca is at Harvard, working on her doctorate in BioStatistics.

Tony and I have made some changes as well. He recently retired from Lifetouch, has learned to make covers for my books, and is going to be doing some freelance photography. I'm still officially employed, but without him to work with, there's not much for me to do. I'll be trying to scare up some free lance work myself, as well as finishing more books to put up for sale.

If you need editing or formatting work, Tana is available to help with that, and Tony will be available after Nov. 23rd. They are both excellent at copy editing. Tony can also do book covers if you need them.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Books in the Top Ten!

Just hit the top 10 in books>romance>anthologies with Perfectly Satisfied. Satisfaction Guaranteed is currently at number 2 after 7 weeks at number 1.

Thank you to all my fans!


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First Review for Perfectly Satisfied gets 5 stars! / for book lovers and readers.


Regina has been in love with Sam since the third grade. However, being from completely different worlds always came between them. Sam is the billionaire high society guy, while Regina is a struggling business owner who is always low on cash. While on a cruise with their best friends, both have a chance to connect with the other.


I am a fan of the first book, 'Satisfaction Guaranteed', and fell in love with all the characters. In addition, after reading 'Perfectly Satisfied', I think it surpass Satisfaction Guaranteed. This story falls in the category of sweet with a dash of Cinderella. The story picks up from the first book, when all the friends decided to go on a cruise; it also felt like a continuation from book one. I would also advise the reader to read book 1 first, that way, you have a feel for the characters and a better understanding of everyone's story.

Sam, poor little rich guy. In romance novels, the millionaires are always so Alpha, but in this story, Sam, was so awkward and clueless and for me, that is what made me fell in love with his character. His way of thinking had a lot to do with his parents and upbringing. Regina was your typical hard worker, who always thought she never fits into Sam's world. Both their chemistry were so fun, sweet, and interesting to read.

As for the other characters, they are what made this book so much more fun to read. Cara and Gray from book one is apart of the story, and still had major roles that didn't detract from the main characters. I am also extremely excited that we were introduced to Mitch and Angel; their roles in the book were interesting and a teaser for book 3. This novella will not disappoint.

Sweetest moment: What Sam did for Regina while watching Cinderella.

Story: GOOD
Intimacy: SWEET
Enjoyment: GOOD

Forum: http://RNJchatroom.romancenoveljunkies.c... readers

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What an amazing five months it's been...

Last June, I was worried about how I was going to pay the bills. Some friends encouraged me to self-publish my books on Amazon and Smashwords. I was terrified. I didn't think there was any way I could learn the formatting, and then I worried that no one would want my books. But I buckled down and figured out how to format and published Lean on Me, my very first book and Golden Heart finalist. It sold a few copies but it wasn't setting the world on fire. Then I published Undercover Vices, followed by Satisfaction Guaranteed. The last one caught on and sales started to rise.

In between getting the books up, I had to learn to use Twitter, had to force myself out of my shell and start interacting with people, had to join a couple of groups to learn promotion. Satisfaction Guaranteed sales kept rising. I finished Lone Star Justice and put it up. People were beginning to complain that Perfectly Satisfied wasn't available so I started writing it while working 60-70 hours a week at the day job. Keep in mind that I hadn't written a book from scratch in quite some time, so it was a big deal for me, even though it's a novella.

Satisfaction Guaranteed hit the #1 spot for novellas on Amazon and sales kept rising. Sales of the other books increased as well. Finally, in the month of October, I reached the point in my sales where I felt comfortable enough to make another major change--I told the hubby he could retire. I'll still work for a while, but I'm younger and I spent 5 years at home doing nothing but writing, so it's his turn.

I finally finished Perfectly Satisfied and uploaded it yesterday. I don't know if it will sell like Satisfaction Guaranteed did, but I hope it will. I hope that sometime in the near future I can quit the day job and go back to writing full time. But in the meantime, I'm pretty much in awe of how my life has changed. I've published 5 books, and I'm working on another. I've gone from being depressed about our finances to being hopeful. And I've gone from not writing at all to writing pretty much every day.

Perfectly Satisfied is now live!

Released on Smashwords and Amazon, still processing on B & N, but should be available sometime tomorrow. Apple and Sony will take a little longer. The cover has been tweaked a bit, also.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Perfectly Satisfied-Available Nov 1-2

Regina Baker has loved Sam Hyatt since the third grade, but Sam has an ideal woman in mind, and Reggie doesn't even come close. As the heir to a sizable fortune, Sam has a responsibility to marry well. His wife needs to be well bred, well educated, and well heeled. As a poor preacher's daughter with a landscaping business that barely pays the bills, Reggie is a mangy mutt compared to Sam's current girlfriend, who has a pedigree a mile long.

Their matchmaking friends, Cara and Gray, arrange for Sam and Reggie to join them on a two week cruise, where Sam will have a chance to see what he's been missing without the society trappings he's normally surrounded with, and Reggie will have two weeks to win Sam's heart.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

From the current book in progess: Perfectly Satisfied, the sequel to Satisfaction Guaranteed.

His mouth went dry and he was afraid to speak, sure he couldn't get an intelligent word past his lips.

Reggie turned and walked away from him and he saw the plunging back that revealed satiny, tanned skin all the way to the curve of her hip.

The hard on was immediate and he was sure it was obvious. Sam stepped back out of the doorway and bumped into Gray.

"What's wrong with you, man?" Gray asked, looking at him like he'd lost his mind.

Sam cleared his throat. "Uh, nothing. You go first."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you can't say anything nice...

How many times did you hear that as a child? Or do parents even teach their children to be nice these days?

I see it every day in my job. People who are so miserable in their own lives that the only way they know how to feel better is to tear down someone else. I see it on the Kindle boards, in mean-spirited reviews, on Facebook posts. But I was raised to be nice, to not say anything if I can't say something encouraging, to smile in the face of a verbal attack.

Most of the time it serves me well. I can go to sleep at night knowing I didn't deliberately try to hurt someone, tear someone down, destroy their dreams, or ruin their career. Other times I wish I could fight back, that I could tell people exactly what I think. Maybe when I'm in my 80's I can quit caring what other people think and give back as good as I get.

Until then, I will do my best to smile through the mean reviews, to smile at the people at work who take their miserable existence out on me, to not respond when I'm treated unfairly. And I will continue to support my fellow authors who go through the same thing, who sometimes feel like giving up when their hard work goes unappreciated.

For readers, the best thing you can do for your favorite authors is to "like" their books on Amazon, B & N, etc., post a positive review for books you like and refrain from posting a review for a book you didn't like. That's what I do as a reader. There are NYT best-selling authors whose writing style I just can't stand. So I don't read them any more, but I don't post negative reviews because they have others who love their writing and I don't want to discourage anyone from trying their books. Reading is subjective. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean others won't.

I can't stand reality TV shows, but others like them. I can't stand most modern sit coms, but others love them. I hate horrow films, but they have millions of fans. So just because I don't like them, that doesn't mean they're bad. They just aren't for me.

Friday, October 07, 2011

What was your favorite research trip?

My absolute favorite trip so far was to Mesa Verde. I have a book (finished, but not yet published) that has its roots in Native American culture. The book still needs a lot of work, which will have to wait until the day job slows a bit, but the hubby and I took advantage of a needed trip to California a couple of years ago to take a side trip to southern Colorado. We visited Mesa Verde, an amazing place with so much to see and do. (Be sure you have a full tank of gas before heading inside, though.)

I was amazed at the cliff dwellings. How did people a thousand years ago accomplish such an amazing endeavor? And how did those mothers not panic seeing their children scrambling up and down the cliff walls? I could only imagine their terror when forest fires roared through the canyons. But there was such an overall sense of peace in those dwellings, a spiritual connection with a long ago people. I hope to return someday to explore further and visit some of the dwellings I was too chicken to try (like the one with the 100 ladder. Hubby did it, I didn't.)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

New Review for Lone Star Justice

Quick, Suspenseful Read. I read Lone Star Justice in one sitting, from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down. Great suspenseful plot, wonderful characters, and a lovely romance. I hope Tori Scott writes more because I'll read them all!--Dr. Debra

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tori Scott is still #1 on Amazon Best-Seller List

Isn't it amazing? I have my fans to thank for keeping Satisfaction Guaranteed in the number one slot on Books > Romance > Anthologies for the past four weeks. I'm also #45 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Contemporary and
#48 in Books > Romance > Contemporary and #435 Paid in Kindle Store.

I'm hoping to see Lone Star Justice, Lean on Me, Undercover Vices and Double Exposure on some best-seller lists in the near future.

Thanks again!

Tori Scott

Monday, October 03, 2011

First Review for Lone Star Justice

This is the author's first go at romantic suspense and let's all hope it isn't her last cuz not only am I depending on her to write Cody's story it would just plain be a shame! Right from the start I was in a whirlwind of emotions ranging from wanting to kick someone's butt to being suspicious of every character! As for the main characters Maddie and Rand...ahhh unrequited love and secret's that will change everything. I particularly liked how this author gave us all the details that are usually lacking in most books at just how the characters and events had been manipulated or sabotaged. I think laying it out in this way was a great way to flow from young love, anger & betrayal, to finding their way back without it seeming rushed, unrealistic or cheesy. Throw in some humor and sex and what more could you want or ask for! I suggest you buy it, read it and enjoy it as I did.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

New Release! Lone Star Justice

Judge Madelyn Cooper never shows signs of weakness, but when a killer threatens her daughter's life, Maddie does what any mother would do. Run to the place where her daughter will be safe. And that place is Greendale, Texas. Maddie left Greendale fourteen years earlier, pregnant, broke, and without saying a word to Rand McCade. What could she say after her father killed his parents.

Rand McCade is determined to keep Greendale safe. As Sheriff, he promised there would be no repeats of the horrible day when his parents were murdered. Now Maddie is back, bringing trouble with her once again. And this time, she has a daughter. His daughter.

As a psychopath sets his sights on Maddie, Rand and Maddie must figure out who is after her, and why, before someone else ends up dead.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Lone Star Justice is finished! Sending to beta reader and copy editor in the morning. Should be up on Amazon by Monday.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Satisfaction Guaranteed is #1!

It's been a dizzying ride for Satisfaction Guaranteed this month, right to the top of one of the Amazon Bestseller Lists and into the top 100 of two others. The reviews have been wonderful and I wanted to thank everyone who read and enjoyed this story. I loved writing it and love hearing that others have enjoyed it as well.

Thanks for helping it make the lists!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

New Review for Undercover Vices

I love how this one got off the ground and running between Reed and Cassie. It didn't have the long drawn out wait for the main characters to hit the sheets and sometimes that's just down right refreshing! It cracks me up that Reed had a chocolate addiction and even has a "chocolate stash drawer" in his desk at the police station LOL, how cute!!! It was equally funny everytime Anderson tried to steal it hahaha. On another note I wanted to punch Amanda Mason the bitch! Reed was totally up front with her not leading her on in any way and she was just plain nuts, and a troublemaker. I really enjoyed this book it had depth, sizzling sex scenes and great characters. I definitely put this as a great read worth buying! Enjoy ;-) (*****)

Monday, September 12, 2011

New review for Lean on Me

I really enjoyed this book and have sort of a personal affinity due to the military association throughout the story. I was pulled in right from the start and went through a myriad of emotions throughout. It is well written with a good pace to keep you interested and excited page after page. The issues and struggles within this story are realistic and raw, they are things anyone in real life could and probably has dealt with or gone through themselves or someone they know. The emotions and relationships between characters are to follow and stay focused throughout the book. There are a few steamy scenes between Sandy and Hunter that are well written, I do wish there would have been a little more but that's just me LOL. I absolutely love the Epilogue in this one it is probably one of the best wrap ups I've read in awhile. All in all I'd have to say this story felt "real" in a way that life happens for all of us in one way or another, not overblown occurences or over dramatized situations that only happen in books and not everyday people. I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to more from author Tori Scott.

By cinful1121

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I wrote this poem the evening of 9/11, after I returned from a frantic trip to Dallas to bring my youngest home from boarding school. I was terrified Dallas would be attacked as well. I couldn't stop praying, couldn't stop crying. Reading and hearing the stories of families and heroes of 9/11 still brings tears.

The poem ended up being published as a full back page tribute in our local paper, sponsored by many of the businesses in town. It also appeared in an anthology published by It's not at that well written, but it came straight from the heart.

Freedom 911

A moment forever frozen in time
In all of our hearts and all of our minds
As we watched with horror what a few evil men
Can do with hatred and evil intent.

So many emotions filled us that day
Stunned disbelief, anguish, anger, and pain.
Our minds as clouded as New York's city streets
We could only pray and tremble and weep.

We waited for news of loved ones so dear
And listened to stories of bravery and fear.
We cried with the mothers and fathers and wives
We grieve for the children who want to know why.

How can we answer their questions when we,
as adults never dreamed how evil mankind could be?
So we hold our own close, so glad they are safe
And ask God to surround them with angels each day.

Then we lift our heads high and stand firm and tall
As we proclaim to the world that our country won't fall.
We stand united, red, black, white and brown.
And say you can't keep America down.

We'll see these men punished for what they have done,
No stone left unturned till we've found every one.
We'll pray for our soldiers as they fight and they win,
Then we'll put it behind us and build once again.

But we'll never forget the ones who were lost
in airplanes and buildings, we've counted the cost.
We'll mourn and grieve the heroes once more,
and emerge even stronger than ever before.

God bless America, this land of the free
May you always reign righteous and always believe
In the Almighty God who holds us upright
And ever continue, for our freedom, to fight.

September 11, 2001

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why I went Indie

I started writing in 2001. Well, seriously writing. I'd been jotting first chapters in notebooks for years. But with the advent of a new century, I decided it was time to pursue the dream I'd had for years. To write a book and get it published. I had no idea how much work, heartache, work, rejection, work it would take to get there. I had a lot of initial success. I wrote my first book in 6 weeks, got a request for the full from a Silhouette Special Edition editor, was asked for revisions, but ultimately turned down. Then I entered the Blaze contest after writing 50 pages of my story in two days and squeezing in just under the deadline. That book very nearly sold. Then the first book finaled in the Golden Heart and I was off to New York for the RWA convention. I met with editors and agents, got a lot of close but not for me rejections, some with great comments and advice. But still, not the "yes" I hoped for.

I had big hopes and big dreams. I knew I was a good writer, that I had the potential to do very well. So I wrote another book, and another. But as I wrote, Harlequin started dropping the lines I was targeting, authors were complaining about longer and longer wait times, more and more rejections even for already published authors, and with the popularity of the computer and internet making it easier for wannabe writes to flood editors' desks, the wait times got longer.

An editor at Red Sage asked me to send her the book that nearly sold to Blaze. I did, and after a few rounds of revisions, they bought it (Double Exposure) for their new ebook line. I was ecstatic. Okay, so the advance barely paid for a nice meal out, but I was now a published author! Unfortunately, after the first initial rush in sales, they dropped off to a negligible amount. I even wondered if it was worth cashing the royalty check. The ebook market didn't seem all that great to me.

Then we had some personal tragedies in our family that meant I had to go back to work. The ideas dried up, the voices stopped talking. What was the point, anyway? Publishers were now grabbing rights that had previously belonged to the authors, contracts were a minefield of legal trickery, advances were being slashed to the bone, agents wanted lifetime rights to royalties. It was all too discouraging.

Some of my friends started talking about self-publishing. I was interested, but with working 70 hours a week, I just didn't have time to think about it. And the voices still weren't talking anyway.

Finally, the economy caught up with our industry (photography) and I found I had time on my hands for the first time in 6 years. And I had 5 completed manuscripts on my computer. I started listening to the stories other authors were telling about huge sales and even bigger royalty checks. Okay, since I hate my job, that got my attention. I cleaned up that first book (it had already been through a professional editor, but my writing was less mature than it is now), set it aside for a re-read, and worked on the next one. That one was more recent, cleaner, closer to my voice so I decided it would be first, my experimental books.

I talked the hubby into learning to make a book cover, taught myself to format, and put it (Undercover Vices) up on Amazon and Smashwords. It started selling almost immediately, but slowly.

Then there was this great little book (Satisfaction Guaranteed) I'd started that I just loved. It was short, a novella, really, but I knew it would sell. And it has. It's my top selling work by far.

Finally, I uploaded that Golden Heart manuscript (Lean on Me). This was the book of my heart, and though it has some sales, not nearly what I'd hoped for. But that's okay. It will find its niche and take off one day.

Book five is almost ready to go up. Instead of one of the finished manuscripts I had, I chose to finish one that was only about a third of the way finished. But I knew it was good, and it deserved its chance to be read. That one (Lone Star Justice) should go live in a couple of weeks--or less if I'd quit procrastinating and get back to work.

Books six and seven I hope to have uploaded before the Christmas rush starts, but this is also our busy season at work, so we'll see.

For a person who loves instant gratification like I do, this has been the perfect venue for me. The voices are talking once again, I'm having to get up in the middle of the night to jot down ideas and snippets of conversations like I used to, I have my excitement and joy back. No, I haven't gotten rich yet, but while we could definitely use the money, it's more about getting my stories out there so they can be read, and hopefully enjoyed, by others. I love my characters, every single one of them. They are amazing people who finally have a chance to tell their stories for a wider audience.

I no longer have to write with a line or an editor in mind, I don't have to wait months and jump through hoops, only to have the prize yanked away at the last minute. I don't have to change my story to meet some arbitrary guideline. (For example, the reason Undercover Vices didn't sell to Blaze was because my heroine was unknowingly doing something illegal. Oh my, can't have that!) I can write my characters' stories exactly the way they tell me to. And yes, I do know the rules. I've read enough, written enough, and been through enough revisions to know how things are supposed to go. But my imagination is now my only limit. And that, my friends, is a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reviews for Lean on Me

Requested Review: Lean On Me by Tori Scott
Format: E-book
Read with: IBOOKS for IPAD
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Series: Standalone
Hero: Hunter Thurman
Heroine: Sandy Morrow
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: July 24, 2011
Started On: 16th August 2011
Finished On: 17th August 2011

Lean on Me by Tori Scott explores a much more tender side of romance from an author who managed to grab my interest after reading her hot little novella Satisfaction Guaranteed. Released on the 24th of July, Lean on Me is a novel that delves into family life, the healing power of love and brings home the fact how communication is a vital aspect of any relationship.

Sandy Morrow is a single mother living alone with her four year old daughter Melanie who is a constant whirlwind of non stop activity. A childcare director by profession, Sandy had lost her husband in a car accident during a freak ice storm two years back and more than anything Sandy mourns for not what she has lost but what her marriage had never been able to give. Independent to a fault, Sandy doesn’t want anything in the world to take that away from her, and shies away from relationships and the opposite sex until the Thurmans move in next door making her sit up and take notice for the first time in two long years.

Hunter Thurman is a military man who had served his country for a long time as a Special Ops soldier that had taken him away from home for long periods of time. His marriage to Liz hadn’t turned out to be what he had envisioned and finally Hunter returns home for good when Liz dies leaving behind an angry and surly teenage Jason behind. Hunter focuses all his time and attention on finding out why his son resents him so much, an uphill battle all the way when the only form of communication between them seems to be screaming matches.

Everything comes to head when Jason’s car hits Melanie’s tricycle giving Jason the wake up call he sorely needs to get his act together. The accident brings together these two families and the constant intimacy brings to light the fact that the attraction that simmers between Hunter and Sandy is one that cannot be ignored. Its not an easy journey for these two towards happily ever after as both Sandy and Hunter bring to the relationship scars from their previous marriages together with the welfare of both their children to the equation. However with a lot of love, understanding, compassion and a whole lot of conversation with a few sensual scenes tossed in between, Tori Scott managed to deliver a happily ever after that I wholeheartedly approved of in the end.

I found Hunter Thurman and his gentle manner beneath which lies a man who can make a woman tremble in all the right ways to be one of the things that drew me into the story. His previous marriage had turned out to be a stifling one that makes him wary of a repeat experience. But when he finds himself enamored with Sandy and her daughter, the way he brings alive good old fashioned courting together with the stolen kisses made my toes curl inward, and made me sigh in pleasure as his wooing works its magic over a woman who has had her fair share of disappointments when it comes to men.

I loved Jason’s character and how he grew in the story. At the beginning he is a surly, rude and obnoxious teenager with a belligerent attitude beneath which lies a wealth of pain and resentment towards his father for never being there when things had gotten quite bad at home. But with time and the healing touch and understanding from Sandy and a lot of patience on Hunter’s part, Jason turns out to be a wonderful and unforgettable character that I fell for as the story progressed.

One cannot read this story without falling in love with the cute little Melanie. Her conversations with Jason made me smile at just how simple everything in life seems to be when you are that young, trying to make sense of all the chaos that reins in this world. Endearing is the term I would use to describe Melanie and she is a character that I wouldn’t be forgetting any time soon.

The way that both Sandy and Hunter eventually find love and acceptance in each other was a journey that I very much enjoyed though there were moments that Sandy tended to rub me raw with her constant need to assert her independent nature which she is reluctant to let go of, understandable given her past. But in the end I loved how everything turned out and how Tori Scott managed to squeeze in a cute little epilogue giving me the closure I needed to let this one go. But mind you, I wouldn’t complain if she were to write stories for Sandy’s brother Ryan and Sandy’s best friend Brandy who has a painful past of her own and who knows, maybe even Jason and Melanie? Ah! A girl can always hope!

Rating from the sunny side of life: 4 stars

From Kathi Robb Harris: I loved this. Melanie had my heart form the moment I met her. I sympathized with Jason. In a moment of anger his whole life changed. Sandi and Hunter confront their own internal blocks to happiness in a very realistic way.
Ms. Scott shows deep insight as to the dynamics of single parent emotional problems. No one who hasn't been a single parent can understand the angst of wanting to keep their child safe and loved and yet guide them to adulthood. The love that evolves among the various characters is charming and warm. I highly recomment this one.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Coming Soon--Lone Star Justice

Small town romance, a hunky Texas Sheriff, a woman in jeopardy, a secret baby (teenager), and a reunion story.

Maddie left Greendale, Texas, in shame fourteen years ago, vowing never to return. But when her life, and the life of her daughter, is threatened, Greendale is the only place she can think of where they will be safe. But small towns never forget a sin committed against one of their own.

Rand has vowed that nothing will happen to the people of Greendale under his watch. Following the murder of his parents fourteen years earlier, Rand made it his mission to protect and serve, finally arriving at his position of Sheriff. He can always tell when trouble is coming, but when Maddie pulls into town, he has no idea just how much trouble one woman can bring with her.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Release! Lean On Me

Sandy Morrow's four year old daughter is hit by an SUV as she's riding her tricycle down the sidewalk near her home. Her new next door neighbors, Hunter Thurman and his son Jason, had been arguing just before Jason jumped in the vehicle and took off without looking behind him. Now her daughter has a concussion and a broken leg,and Sandy has a sexy neighbor who will stop at nothing to make it up to her.Whether she wants him to or not.

Hunter Thurman has a mission: to fix the mess his son has made and to fix the mess he's made of his son's life. He is determined to take care of his next door neighbor and her daughter after the accident, but Sandy is independent and determined to take care of herself, insisting she doesn't need Hunter's help.

His son, Jason, bridges the gap, opening up to Sandy in a way he never has to his father, revealing things Hunter wishes his son had told him instead.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Review for Satisfaction Guaranteed

This was an interesting proposition, with a hero and heroine who went from being friends to almost-lovers back in high school, then back to friends, and finally, 15 years later, to lovers. Tori Scott really sets the scene for the seduction, and I was glad to see the characters get their HEA at last.

The author does pack a lot into this little novella, including a sub-plot/secondary romance. As always happens to me (even with Suzanne Brockmann's amazing SEAL stories), I found myself wanting to leap forward and have more of the secondary romance even as the primary one was unfolding in front of me. I've come to accept that's just a quirk of my nature. But I'm still anxious for Tori Scott's follow-up so I can read Reggie & Sam's romance. Of course, I fully expect the author will introduce another secondary romance and my imagination will go haring off toward that one. (Yes, I am hopeless.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

First Review for Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Tori Scott packs a lot of sensuality and romance into a short novella. I'm not usually a sensual romance reader, but I wanted something short and this fit the bill. Well written, likable characters, a super romantic hero, a setting I wished I was in, and the beginning of a secondary romance for the next novella. I was hooked from page one and can't wait for the next one.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Burning up the Shelves

Satisfaction Guaranteed is out and is selling! The 99 cent price tag doesn't hurt, and neither does having Jimmy Thomas on the cover. It's available on and, and should be on Apple, Sony, Kobo, B&N, and several others in the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Coming Soon!

Tentative release date is July 15th on Amazon and

Thank you to Jimmy Thomas for the cover photo, and to my husband Tony for the cover itself.


Reviews for Undercover Vices:

July 04, 2011 : 5 stars

I loved the character development and plot, a very enjoyable book.

July 02, 2011 : 5 stars

I have just read Tori Scott's, "Undercover Vices." I found it to be a sassy and fun read. The characters were in-depth and easy to get to know. I loved the plot line and hope to see many more from Miss Scott. I have read both of her books and can't wait to read a new one. I recommend this book to anyone that loves a great romance story with a little fun, angst, and some hot loving.

July 12, 2011: 5 stars

Tori Scott does a terrific job of pitting opposites against each other in a sexy, very clever, very well-told story where opposites don't just attract, they sizzle. This is a story that pleases on all levels. I will make a point of reading everything Tori Scott publishes.

Reviews for Double Exposure:

Rating: 4/5 Stars!
Heat level: H

Launching a lingerie company, Satin and Steel on a limited budget wasn't easy but for Lacy Fitzgerald it is the end of the line. She has to stand up on her feet and make her dear dad realize that he has a sensible daughter who can make effective business deals just like he does. A last minute search for a handsome hunky lingerie model brings her face to face with Gabe Matthews and she feels that his appeal as a rugged construction worker would help her to generate sales. What she doesn't know is that this particular man has lots up his sleeve that would make her fall for him in no time!

Lacy may appear a carefree young woman with only fun on her mind, but really emerges as a responsible person when the need arises. I know I should hate her father for forcing her into earning a living for herself but it turns out that parents really do know more. I never thought that Gabe would be a man to say yes when he doesn't want to but Lacy's charm makes him do things that he never meant to do. I found myself secretly smirking as Lacy's outrageous underwear made Gabe cringe. It really felt like lust at first sight, as the couple never shared their feelings for each other. True, their hot escapades make you hum with excitement but I felt love was lacking somewhere along the line. Sparks from the exciting chemistry that they share had my insides singing in no time. The plot fulfills the demands of a fun contemporary romance and you find yourself pulled in while the couple is trying on raunchy lingerie. Lacy's dear friend, Suzanne Santini is an interesting character and I wouldn't mind meeting her in her own story.

For a debut, Ms. Scott shows real promise and I expect truly dreamy delightful tales from her. Mixed identities, a hot lingerie catalog photo shoot and a daring heroine all make Double Exposure a completely adorable story that is fun to read and hard to put down!

~~Mahaira Fatima ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Lacy Fitzgerald has made a wager with her father. He will give her money to start up a business, if said business is a success in one year she wins. If the business is in the red and isn't making money she must marry Devin, the man of her father's dreams, not hers. The lingerie business she starts is failing quickly at the six month mark and she needs to pump new blood into the floundering business. That new blood comes in the form of Gabe Wallis, her new model for her lingerie. Sparks fly and steam rises between the two, but is there a future for them or the business?

Lingerie, lust, and one hot male model make for an enjoyable story. Lacy is a character that is easy to identify with. She is strong, confident, and naughty. She knows her mind and sticks with her choices. Her sexual inventiveness is downright outrageous. Gabe is sexy, strong, and has a hint of mystery about him. The sexual chemistry is combustible. The couple faces conflicts that add depth to the story. Plenty of fun with a great amount humor, the story keeps the reader interested. Ms. Scott has a knack for telling a story. I look forward to reading more by this talented author.

~~ Dawnie ~ Fallen Angels

Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Book!

Cassie Mills runs afoul of an outdated and rarely enforced law when she decides to host Pleasure Parties. Reed Stevens is working undercover on the vice squad, not his favorite assignment, especially when he's assigned to what he considers fluff duty, cracking down on the home party sex toy business.

Cassie faces her greatest fear--what will her mother think?--and her aunt's Bridge Club. Reed faces a jealous and unstable partner, his ex-wife and her new love, and the wrath of Cassie's supporters. Neither one is prepared for the day when their professional paths cross. Shock, feelings of betrayal, lust, and love all intermingle until neither one is sure who is right and who is wrong.

Sparks fly both in the bedroom and out, and ultimately they must choose between jobs and love.

Available now at, and coming soon to Amazon Kindle.

If you read Undercover Vices, or if you've read Double Exposure (available at or Amazon Kindle), please post a review. Thanks!