Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Release Day! Superstition by Tori Scott

When Caitlyn Deveraux's brother Gage is killed in Iraq, she receives a necklace as part of his personal effects that she thinks is a trinket he'd purchased for her. When she scatters his ashes according his exact instructions and repeats the words he'd written, she accidentally inhales some of the ashes. From that moment on, her life as a quiet librarian is turned upside down.

Jacob Littlejohn was not only Gage Deveraux's best friend, he was his team mate at Team Indigo. He should have been there to protect Gage, but he wasn't. Now he's determined to protect Caitlyn from the men who are after the necklace. It's no trinket, but rather a powerful amulet that could have devastating consequences if it fell into the wrong hands.

Caitlyn doesn't know how to handle the new powers she's received, so she heads back to her village, to her grandmother, to try to understand what's happening to her. In doing so, she brings danger to her people and gets involved in Team Indigo's current mission--the same mission that got her brother killed. She enlists the aid of her people and her three best friends, and together with Jacob and Team Indigo, they set out to stop a power-hungry General.

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