Monday, February 20, 2006

Goodness, has it really been almost two months since my last post? Well, not really since I post on the 15th of every month over at the Wet Noodle Posse blog ( but I forgot to post here.

Anyway, I got--and quit--a job. Quit before I started, actually. I decided it didn't make sense to drive 45 miles each way, after dark on lonely country roads to work 4 hours a day for $8 an hour. I lost--and regained--an editor. Read a blurb in the RWR that Kim Cardascia had been removed from the list of acquiring editors at St. Martin's and nearly had heart failure. Kim has a full of one book and a partial of another. I love Kim, thought she was the sweetest person I'd ever met when I had my appointment with her at the RWA Dallas conference. She's my dream editor. We even grew up in the same town and went to rival high schools--though admittedly she went many years after I did. Anyway, I was relieved to learn she's still at St. Martin's, just not taking any more mss right now so she can deal with her already heavy work load.

I was totally blown away today. My sister and I haven't gotten along in years and I don't talk to her much. But my mom sent me a copy of my nephew's new CD and I was amazed. That boy has talent. You can listen to cuts from the CD here..

I've been really sad and depressed lately. My oldest son has decided to stay in California for a few more years. We'd just finally gotten him home for a few months when he went back out there for what was supposed to have been a temporary contract. Well, he has a new girlfriend now, and she can't move for several years, so he's staying out there to be with her. Yes, I'm happy for him, but I miss him.

I'll be back soon, but right now some chocolate chip cookies are calling my name...