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New review for Perfectly Satisfied

Sweet Romance leaving you Perfectly Satisfied
Cinful1121 gave it 5 stars!

This story picks up where we left off in book 1 "Satisfaction Guaranteed" bringing our favorite characters smoothly into Sam and Reggie's HEA. The story was balanced really well managing to include Cara and Gray as well as the introduction of Mitch and Angel all the while never overshadowing the main couple. Something that stood out to me and was truth be told refreshing was the slight awkwardness and uncertainty Sam went through. Don't get me wrong strong, alpha male leads are hot but every now and again it's nice to change it up, which this author did perfectly. I can't wait to see where she takes us next!

Ready. Set. GO!

That's right! It's time for the Book Lovers' Buffet Holiday Extravaganza. Ninety-four authors offering their books for just $0.99 each so you can stock up on your favorite genre, give books as Christmas gifts, or break in that new Kindle Fire. Stop by, check them out, and load up. We guarantee you won't gain a pound from feasting on our buffet.

10,000 Sales in November!

Amazon just reported my 10,000th sale for the month of November at about 4:45 pm Central time. I am so excited about this I can barely sit still. This was a real validation moment for me as an author. A huge thank you to every single person who has purchased one of my books, and an extra thanks to those who have left positive reviews because those help so much!

Love y'all!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Much is an Author Worth?

I had someone tell me the other day that an author should be thrilled to make $1000 on each book they wrote.

Really? That averages out to about $10 an hour, I suppose, if you're a fast writer, don't need to do research, and have no expenses. So if I wrote 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, just like a "real" job, it would take me about 2 1/2 weeks to write a book. I could write almost 2 books a month, so I'd make about $1600 a month.

But...that's before taxes, so figure that I'm going to pay 15% social security and 10% income tax on that income, I have to pay for my own health insurance, dental insurance, and any fees for advertising, web hosting, etc. out of that too. Now I'm down to about $600 a month net. Can you live on that? Neither can most authors. And writing doesn't work that way (unless you're Nora Roberts, who I've heard CAN write 8 hours a day, every day.) It takes time to come up with an idea, a title, characters, names, a cover image (those can take a full day of searching sometimes.) It takes even more time to rewrite, edit, & re-edit because God forbid there should be a typo in the manuscript. If there is, some readers will murder you in the reviews. Then there's the full day it takes to write front and back matter, format, and upload the books. And after that you have to promote it or it will languish.

Most authors need to make at least $10,000 per book to make a living wage. That's figuring on 4-5 books per year. But what if you write slowly, or you're the kind of writer who wants every word to be perfect, every scene and sequel and transition to flow and have meaning? Then you're not going to write 8,000 words a day every single day without needing editing time. And you're not going to live well on $10,000 per book. You're going to need to make $20,000, $25,000 or more per book to make a decent wage from your writing.

If your book sells for $0.99 on Amazon or B&N, that means you have to sell 60,000 to 100,000 copies to earn what you need to on that book. Not many authors sell 5,000 copies of their books per month. And yet if you price it higher, say at $2.99 each, you're going to sell way fewer copies than you would at $0.99. It would take selling 10,000 to 25,000 copies of each book to earn a living. But readers begin to balk at paying $2.99 per book. They think, since they're e-copies, they should be cheaper. But the price isn't about the cost to sell, but about value.

We think nothing of plopping down $8.99 for a Nora Roberts book. That's because we perceive her value as worth that amount of money. But would you spend that much on an unknown author? Probably not. But that unknown author may be just as good, and just as worthy, as Nora. You just won't know it until you read it.

At some point, authors have to make a living at what they love--writing--or they're going to have to return to the regular workforce to pay the bills. And then they're too tired to write, or too discouraged, or too stressed. And you will miss out on some of the best stories yet to be written.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Christmas Wish, Woman's World Short Story 2005

My very first sale was a romantic short story, sold to Woman's World magazine in 2005. It was featured in the magazine's Christmas issue.

The Christmas Wish

Carrie finished her work and hurried outside to catch the last bus. She hated working late, hated standing in the dark, freezing, as she waited for the crowded bus. Tonight would be worse than usual since it was Christmas Eve and the bus would be filled with shoppers.

When it finally arrived, the bus looked as if it couldn’t hold another passenger. Carrie took a deep breath and pushed her way through the crowd. There wasn’t a single seat left, and not much in the way of standing room. She smiled and grabbed a spot in front of a man decked out in full Santa gear. As a child she’d loved her holiday visits to Santa and still remembered her disappointment the year her mother told her she was too big to sit on Santa’s knee.

The bus lurched forward and almost sent Carrie flying. Santa grabbed her arm and held her in place. “Thank you,” she said. “This is going to be a long ride.”

Santa smiled. “I’d offer you my seat, but with this bulky costume, I wouldn’t fit in the aisle.”

His voice was deep and smooth, and he sounded younger than she’d expected. His blue eyes twinkled when he smiled, making Carrie wish he’d pull off the fake beard so she could see his face. “That’s okay,” she said. “I’m fine.”

That wasn’t quite true. She was far from her family on the night before Christmas, and she’d be spending Christmas day alone for the very first time. Unexpected tears welled in her eyes at the thought of the lonely night and day ahead of her.

“Hey, are you sure you’re okay?”

Too choked up to speak, Carrie just nodded. Looking around at the other passengers, she saw that most of them were with someone else, chatting animatedly. Only she and Santa Claus seemed to be traveling alone.

The bus pulled to a stop and more passengers crowded on. Carrie let go of the pole and scooted back against Santa’s legs to make room for a woman with an armload of boxes. When the bus pulled away, she found herself sitting in Santa’s lap.

Before she could scramble to her feet, the woman with the boxes had taken her place at the pole and blocked Carrie in. “This is so embarrassing,” she said to Santa. “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not. You’re the best-looking female I’ve had on my lap all day. And as long as you’re here, why don’t you tell me your name and what you want for Christmas?”

Carrie laughed and brushed the tears from her eyes. “I’m too old to believe in Santa Claus.”

“It’s not a matter of age. It’s a matter of faith. Now what would you ask for if you could have anything?”

Carrie sobered as she thought of her greatest wish. “I’d wish I could be with my family for Christmas.”

“Where are they?”

“In California. I just moved to Chicago to start a new job and I couldn’t afford to fly home. This will be my first Christmas alone.”

Santa looked thoughtful. “Well, my sleigh will be full tonight, so I can’t fly you home. But I might be able to offer you the next best thing.”

Carrie smiled at the thought of arriving on her parents’ rooftop in a sleigh. “And what would that be?”

“You could come spend Christmas with me and my family.”

Carrie turned to look at him, to see if he was serious. From the look in his eyes, he was. “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t even know you and your wife probably wouldn’t want a stranger in her house on Christmas.”

Santa shook his head. “I don’t have a wife—Christmas is at my parents’ home, complete with two brothers and a sister, and seven nieces and nephews. There will be plenty of chaperones, and I can guarantee you my mother would be thrilled if I brought someone home for the holiday.”

He grinned, and Carrie realized she’d seen that grin somewhere before. “Do I know you?”

Santa whispered conspiratorially, “I’m wearing this beard for a reason, but if you’ll promise not to say anything…” He pulled the beard down just long enough for her to get a good look at his face.

Her eyes widened. “You’re--”

He placed a finger across her lips. “Shhh. You promised.”

“What are you doing playing Santa Claus?” Carrie couldn’t believe she was sitting on the lap of a well-known news anchor and that he’d invited her home for Christmas. “And why are you riding the bus?”

“I played Santa for the kids at Children’s Hospital today, and I loaned my mother my SUV so she could pick up a large gift for my dad. So, do you accept my invitation?”

She had a choice between Christmas alone and Christmas with a large family and a man she’d admired each night on the evening news. It wasn’t a difficult decision. “If you’re sure, I’d love to accept.”

He nodded. “I’m sure. And if you’re not busy tonight, would you have dinner with me? And then could you help me wrap a bunch of packages I left until the last minute?”

“I’d love to. And I’m an expert wrapper.” Maybe there really was a Santa Claus after all, Carrie thought as she remembered his words. It’s a matter of faith.

First Review for Blame it on Texas!

5 stars by cinful1121

I loved this book it was wholesome yet steamy, the characters were engaging and a total page turner straight to the end! I felt emotionally invested in this story from the beginnning and was sent on an emotional roller coaster throughout. This author managed to write about serious life and realtionship issues just as seamlessly as steamy sex scenes that raise your body temp a coupla degrees ;) I have read everything I can get my hands on by this author and have never been disappointed so I would gladly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good solid read! Get it, read it, enjoy as much as I did!

New Release! Blame it on Texas

Logan Tanner shook the red dust of West Texas off his boots at the age of eighteen and hasn't looked back. When his father has a stroke, Logan is temporarily forced to return home and take over the family ranch. He still feels responsible for his mother's death when he was twelve, and has never gotten over the guilt. Now he's faced with having to protect his twelve year old daughter Katie and his sister and her friend Megan Flynn. It's nearly more than one man can handle. He can't wait to get back to Dallas.

Megan Flynn immediately falls in love with Morris Springs, Texas, population 976, when she delivers Logan's runaway daughter to his doorstep. Raised as a city girl, Megan has a dream of a few acres, a few champion Blue Heelers, and a small-town veterinary practice. The only thing standing between her and her dream is one stubborn, reluctant cowboy with an overprotective streak as wide as the West Texas prairie. But her stubborn streak is a match for his any day. And she's determined to prove it.

Blame it on Texas is a story of the power of love to overcome any adversity, the strength of family and friendship, and the joy that comes with being part of something bigger than yourself.

approximately 240 pages
60,000 words

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Blue Wrote a Blog Post

Confucius Cat invited Blue over for a gab fest. Check it out at

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Cover Poll

For the upcoming release, Blame it on Texas. I'm trying to decide on a cover. Any opinions, comments, and votes would be appreciated. Which one do you like better? Any suggestions to make the covers look better? I really wanted the dog on the cover because he plays a fairly big part in the book, but I like the composition of the other cover better. What do you think?

And....We're Number 1

Perfectly Satisfied hit #1 in Anthologies on Amazon this morning and is #15 in Contemporary Romance. Can it hold the number one spot as long as Satisfaction Guaranteed did? (7 weeks) I sure hope so! It's also listed as a Hot New Release.

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Too Cool Not to Share...

Click the link above and you'll see Perfectly Satisfied listed on Amazon as a Hot New Release, right next to Diana Palmer and Debbie Macomber. Woo-Hoo!

5 Stars!

My newest favorite author!, November 19, 2011
By Victoria Fredrix "Fred" (USA) -
This review is from: Perfectly Satisfied (Kindle Edition)

I was in love with SAm from the start. Reggie balances him just right. Anyone who buys this is going to get hooked on Tori's romances. She knows a feel good story when she writes one. I think I must line my cyber shelves with Tori Scott Novels and novellas. She never disappoints.

New Review for Lone Star Justice

Five Stars by By Sharyn Lynes

"This is a very enjoyable and entertaining book which will hold your interest from the first page. It is a reminder that no matter how a person begins life, hard work and determination will triumph in the end. An unwed single mother who is literally driven out of her home town, becomes a respected criminal court Judge. Respected and admired by her peers in the judicial world, Judge Maddie Cooper returns to her home town to proctect her young daughter from an insane stalker/serial killer. Judge Maddie Cooper must face and deal with the heartbreak and betrayal that drove her from the town years ago. She also has to face the Father of her child, who does not know he is a father. I will read this book again in the future as it is well written and very enjoyable.?

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New review for Perfectly Satisfied

By H. M. Taylor "silvarie"

"I loved this book! The best thing about it is the characters. Sam is a yummy hero; he really got to me for some reason. I shall remember him for a long time. Reggie is a great heroine, feisty and independent without being annoying. They made a wonderful couple. This is one of those stories where the author got it just right in my opinion. I will be looking out for the next in the series."

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I'm Romance Novel Junkie's Author of the Week!

Click the post title above to see my author feature on Romance Novel Junkies. I love Monique and the RNJ group. Friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @RomanceAuthorsL @romanceJUNKIES.

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It's Fun to Look Back

I spent the last hour reading through old blog posts. It's amazing how much has changed in the 6-7 years since I started this blog. I used to be a lot chattier about life back then, for one thing. Now the blog is more about the books than about me. Or maybe I was just more interesting back then. Life today is all about work and writing. Most of the animals are gone, so there's not much to write about there. Kids have grown up and moved out, and the youngest share absolutely nothing about their lives, so not much in the way of anecdotes.

For those who've followed my kids' school and career activities, an update: Tana was laid off from her engineering job at TI, so she got her teacher certification and is now teaching high school algebra. Tony, Jr. got married a couple of years ago and is now step-dad to three teenagers and is working for Google. Timothy moved to southern California, where he does the website design for Rebecca is at Harvard, working on her doctorate in BioStatistics.

Tony and I have made some changes as well. He recently retired from Lifetouch, has learned to make covers for my books, and is going to be doing some freelance photography. I'm still officially employed, but without him to work with, there's not much for me to do. I'll be trying to scare up some free lance work myself, as well as finishing more books to put up for sale.

If you need editing or formatting work, Tana is available to help with that, and Tony will be available after Nov. 23rd. They are both excellent at copy editing. Tony can also do book covers if you need them.

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Two Books in the Top Ten!

Just hit the top 10 in books>romance>anthologies with Perfectly Satisfied. Satisfaction Guaranteed is currently at number 2 after 7 weeks at number 1.

Thank you to all my fans!


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First Review for Perfectly Satisfied gets 5 stars! / for book lovers and readers.


Regina has been in love with Sam since the third grade. However, being from completely different worlds always came between them. Sam is the billionaire high society guy, while Regina is a struggling business owner who is always low on cash. While on a cruise with their best friends, both have a chance to connect with the other.


I am a fan of the first book, 'Satisfaction Guaranteed', and fell in love with all the characters. In addition, after reading 'Perfectly Satisfied', I think it surpass Satisfaction Guaranteed. This story falls in the category of sweet with a dash of Cinderella. The story picks up from the first book, when all the friends decided to go on a cruise; it also felt like a continuation from book one. I would also advise the reader to read book 1 first, that way, you have a feel for the characters and a better understanding of everyone's story.

Sam, poor little rich guy. In romance novels, the millionaires are always so Alpha, but in this story, Sam, was so awkward and clueless and for me, that is what made me fell in love with his character. His way of thinking had a lot to do with his parents and upbringing. Regina was your typical hard worker, who always thought she never fits into Sam's world. Both their chemistry were so fun, sweet, and interesting to read.

As for the other characters, they are what made this book so much more fun to read. Cara and Gray from book one is apart of the story, and still had major roles that didn't detract from the main characters. I am also extremely excited that we were introduced to Mitch and Angel; their roles in the book were interesting and a teaser for book 3. This novella will not disappoint.

Sweetest moment: What Sam did for Regina while watching Cinderella.

Story: GOOD
Intimacy: SWEET
Enjoyment: GOOD

Forum: http://RNJchatroom.romancenoveljunkies.c... readers

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What an amazing five months it's been...

Last June, I was worried about how I was going to pay the bills. Some friends encouraged me to self-publish my books on Amazon and Smashwords. I was terrified. I didn't think there was any way I could learn the formatting, and then I worried that no one would want my books. But I buckled down and figured out how to format and published Lean on Me, my very first book and Golden Heart finalist. It sold a few copies but it wasn't setting the world on fire. Then I published Undercover Vices, followed by Satisfaction Guaranteed. The last one caught on and sales started to rise.

In between getting the books up, I had to learn to use Twitter, had to force myself out of my shell and start interacting with people, had to join a couple of groups to learn promotion. Satisfaction Guaranteed sales kept rising. I finished Lone Star Justice and put it up. People were beginning to complain that Perfectly Satisfied wasn't available so I started writing it while working 60-70 hours a week at the day job. Keep in mind that I hadn't written a book from scratch in quite some time, so it was a big deal for me, even though it's a novella.

Satisfaction Guaranteed hit the #1 spot for novellas on Amazon and sales kept rising. Sales of the other books increased as well. Finally, in the month of October, I reached the point in my sales where I felt comfortable enough to make another major change--I told the hubby he could retire. I'll still work for a while, but I'm younger and I spent 5 years at home doing nothing but writing, so it's his turn.

I finally finished Perfectly Satisfied and uploaded it yesterday. I don't know if it will sell like Satisfaction Guaranteed did, but I hope it will. I hope that sometime in the near future I can quit the day job and go back to writing full time. But in the meantime, I'm pretty much in awe of how my life has changed. I've published 5 books, and I'm working on another. I've gone from being depressed about our finances to being hopeful. And I've gone from not writing at all to writing pretty much every day.

Perfectly Satisfied is now live!

Released on Smashwords and Amazon, still processing on B & N, but should be available sometime tomorrow. Apple and Sony will take a little longer. The cover has been tweaked a bit, also.