Saturday, October 28, 2006

More Nitwits and a Blue Update

More Nitwits: the people who base their political choices on a candidate's fiction writings. Come on, do we not realize there is a difference between fiction and reality? The stuff I write in my books is not necessarily something I would do in real life. That's why it's called fiction, people. In order to have a compelling story, you have to engage your characters in situations that are sometimes larger than life. Not to mention the fact that in today's market, it had better either have lots of sex, or be a Christian story, to get published at all. Let's make the choices based on who has the right vision for our country's future.

As for Blue, he's still better but the side of his neck is very swollen. I can't get him to the vet without tranquilizers, and I can't get the tranquilizers without taking him to the vet. I don't know what to do at this point. I'm giving him some Oxytetracycline I had here from when a calf had scours, so I'm hoping that will clear up the problem. I still can't let him outside, though, unless I'm with him. The dogs are all back. Yesterday they were attacking the neighbor's Shetland pony. The pony was kicking them, so I'm hoping at least one of the dogs got a good head kick.

Doesn't the stupid neighbor realize one of her little boys is very likely to be the next victim?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blue update

Just a quick update. Blue is moving very slowly, holding his neck still, barely turning his head. Looks like the dogs went for his throat mostly. Going to the vet today for tranquilizers so I can take him in to be checked.

One good thing out of all of this is that the neighbor across the street has restrained his pit bull and is building a fence to keep him in. The neighbors next door seem to have gotten rid of most of the other dogs. Hopefully they took them to the pound. Since they have small children, I think possibly this incident might have prevented a worse tragedy in the future.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Control Your Dogs, People!

My dog Blue was attacked by a pack of dogs tonight, including a pit bull (On our own property). One on one, he could have whipped them, but there were 6 or 7 of them. He's hurt, neck torn, dripping blood but not gushing. He won't let me touch any part of him other than the top of his head. There are no vets open around here. He's finally settled down on a pillow next to my desk and he's moaning. It's tearing my heart out.

I'm shaking with fury at the neighbors who refuse to do anything about this pack of dogs that hang around their house. My dh told them that the next time one of their dogs puts just one paw on our property, it was dead. No more warnings. Dh is sitting with the shotgun at his side right now. I hate hurting animals, and so does the dh. But this bunch is running as a pack and now we've seen what they're capable of. The neighbors have three little boys. Is it going to take one of those children being maimed or killed before they wake up? I hope to God not.

I don't know what to do for Blue. If I had valium, I'd probably slip him one and try to see how badly he's injured. He's so touchy I don't know if I could even get him into the car and to the vet's office. He nearly attacked the dh just for moving his pillow. But dear God, I hate listening to him moan in pain.

And we have to work tomorrow. How can I go off and leave him? He'll have to stay in the house, because I can't leave him outside until those dogs are gone.

Somedays it just doesn't pay to get up

Friday, October 13, 2006

For Old Times' Sake

The dh and I went to the State Fair today for a trip down memory lane. Our second date 35 years ago was an all day and half the night trip to the fair. In 1971 we spent 15 hours at the fair, rode rides off and on all day, ate ourselves silly, played the Midway games, and made out beside the lake. All in all, we spent $100 that day.

Today it costs $13 per ticket just to get in, $10 to park, a hamburger/fries/coke costs $11. We didn't buy anything but lunch. No way were we going to spend $10 for a $2 box of salt water taffy or $4 for a 6 oz. beer. I missed out on the fried Oreos, fried Mac and cheese, cotton candy, etc. Good thing, since I'm still on a diet. But we had a great time looking at the cars (have you seen Saturn's new convertible? Gorgeous!), going through the Creative Arts building, watching the Frisbie dog show, and just walking around holding hands, being together.

I love my dh. He's a really good man. And he's a prince for taking me back down memory lane.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nitwit of the Month!

I'm not a fan of politicians just on general principle. Just for example--Foley. There's a problem child if there ever was one.

But this guy, Fred Head (Oh, what I could do with that last name, but I'll refrain!), takes the cake for sheer stupidity and gall. He's running for Comptroller in Texas. His campaign is all about how he's such a good Christian family man, and how his opponent is a porn writer.

HUH???? Susan Combs wrote a book for Kismet Romance that was published in 2000. First off, Kismet didn't publish porn. Yeah, there was a love scene in there, but it was pretty damned tame compared to today's books. But Mr. High and Mighty has decided it's his place to judge (even though the Bible says judge not that ye be not judged) Susan Combs--publicly--for achieving something so many of us would love to achieve.

As if the above isn't enough to get Mr. Head (his mother really should have named him Richard) named as Nitwit of the Month, he has taken this stand in Texas--home of Romance Writers of America. Duh--what a NitWit.

Not only that, he copied pages (on a copier, poorly done at that) of Susan's book and posted them on his website. Go take a look. (click on the blog title) or go to the page at I think that's a violation of copyright laws, isn't it?

Do we really want a nitwit like this controlling our money in Texas? I don't THINK so. I'm voting for Susan Combs.

(This is a personal opinion post and is not instigated by anyone other than myself.)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

This is what it's all about...

Writing, I mean. A writer on one of my favorite groups posted an inspirational quote the other day that really hit home. It said : "Indian legend states that a story seeks a writer and if it finds her worthy, it will settle on her heart. The author's gift is to give that story life."

Can I just say "Wow!" My story is about a group of Native American warriors who have special gifts--powers--that help them fight against men who are trying to destroy this country and others. The story came, like many do, as I settled down to sleep. It came so strongly that I had to get up and turn the computer back on so I could get the basic idea down. Since then, it's gotten me up several more times when snatches of dialogue or a new scene started rolling through my mind.

I've written more the last 19 days than I have in the last six months. I know where this story is going, and I just wish I had more time in the day so I could get there faster.

And the muse isn't satisfied with giving me ideas for this story. I already have the basic story ideas down for another 4 books after this one.