Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Superstition is Available in Print

I put Superstition in print through Createspace for those who like hard copy books. It is also available on Amazon. I will eventually make all of my book available in print, but I have to finish Book 4 in the Lone Star Cowboys series first.

Book Three in the Lone Star Cowboys series, The Bluest Eyes in Texas, is doing very well. It's currently #53 on the bestselling Western list on Amazon. It's received 7 reviews so far, all of them 5 stars. The feedback is great.

I've already started Book 4, which will be Jean and Nick's story. It picks up where book 3 leaves off, with Cooper and Nancy's wedding and putting the finishing touches on their equine therapy center and rodeo school. We'll see all the familiar characters from the previous books as well.

It's almost Spring here in Texas, so I'll be dividing my time between working on the house and yard during the day and writing at night. Somewhere in there I also have to start looking for a job, something I detest doing, especially since I live in a rural area with limited job opportunities. After 5 years of customer-service intensive work, this time I want something with limited public exposure, maybe a quiet office job. I learned the hard way that dealing with people all day left little emotional strength for writing.

Blame it on Texas made it through the first round of Amazon's Breakthrough Novel contest. Round two finalists will be announced mid-March. Prayers would be appreciated.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Release!

Book 3 in the Lone Star Cowboys series, The Bluest Eyes in Texas, just went live on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Bull Rider Cooper Saunders has a good shot at the title until an injury requires surgery just weeks before the National finals. He returns home to Morris Springs, Texas, to be near his parents during his rehab. While Nancy Phillips gets him in shape for the last few rides of his career, she also gets him thinking about settling down. Then a bull shatters his body and tramples his spirit, leaving him unsure if he'll ever be able to walk again, much less be a husband to his sexy physical therapist.

Nancy worked a miracle on Cooper once, getting him back to riding before the national finals, but this time there is so much more at stake. In addition to Cooper, she has a six year old orphan for a patient, one who probably will never get a chance to walk, ride a bike, or run with her friends again. And where Cooper is ready to give up, little Becky is a champ, doing whatever Nancy asks of her. Love, patience, and determination can only go so far. Will Nancy be able to get through to Cooper, or will he be content to sit in that wheelchair forever?