Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So far, Blame it on Texas has had over 30,000 free downloads. Do you have your copy yet? You should grab it before I decide to put it back to full price. Amazon link
Blame it on Texas has 153 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5.

"Another reviewer wrote that "this is everyday people, in their everyday lives, facing everyday problems" and that is such a great way to put it. It is such a refreshing change to see that all these people aren't rich and successful. They are down-home working class individuals who are as real to you as the people next door, maybe more so. This book had everything you would want in a story. This author is great at that and her books are those that no matter how much you try, you cannot put it down. I personally recommend this book and the author to anyone who is looking for a spark of laughter, a spark of sadness and a heavy dose of real life by characters that you will fall in love with."

"One of the very best books I have read. I AM A TEXAN You have found the true pulse of small town Texas. I enjoyed every page. Please continue. As this really moves my heart. Thank you again."

"Just finished "Blame it on Texas" & if Ms. Scott's other books are this good, then I'm definitely a fan of hers. Money is extremely tight for us right now, but thankfully this book was offered for free & I downloaded it. And am I happy that I did.....I'm one of those that re-reads books that they love & want to enjoy again & again; this book will be re-read several times! :-)

I really like her style of writing, thought she did an excellent job telling a story that not only flowed but you didn't want to stop reading it. Or I didn't at least, but I had to as it was getting too late last night & I really needed to be in bed. Believe me, I picked it up as soon as I was able to the next morning. She made me laugh, cry, roll my eyes at some of the things that happen in the story....Ms. Scott even had me liking the character Nancy toward the end there.

If you want a good read, a story that keeps moving along, some lightheartedness/laughter, even a bit of suspense & yet not page after page of descriptive writing of how the ranch looked at dusk/or whatever.....then I think you'll enjoy "Blame it on Texas"".

Coming in August! A brand new series about 5 brothers and one sister--The Carter Family--set along the Red River in Cooke County, Texas. I'll post here as soon as it goes live.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

New Release!

The long-awaited sequel to Lone Star Justice is finally available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Still waiting for distribution to the other vendors.

This is Deputy Cody Wills' story. Cody has a new partner, a female one. He's not thrilled, but he's determined to make the best of it and hope that Rand will eventually come around and make things like they were before. But Greendale is changing. It's no longer the sleepy little county it once was. Civilization is creeping closer, bringing more crime and more traffic with it.

Charlie Booker is looking for peace. She's just returned home from a multi-tour Middle East assignment, bringing with her nightmares and guilt. Taking a job with a small town sheriff's departments seems like just what she's looking for, but she's about to get an education she won't forget.

In other news, Blame it on Texas is still free on Amazon and Smashwords, and for this week only, until March 8, Satisfaction Guaranteed and Superstition are free on Smashwords during ebook week.

And if you haven't read Lone Star Justice yet, book One in the Southern Justice series, be sure to get a copy at your favorite retailer.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cover Reveal

We have a cover for Rookie Justice! Just awaiting final edits and formatting before uploading. It should be ready to go this week!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My new kitchen has inspired me to be more active about meal planning, shopping, and making new things. I got a refurbished Kitchen Aid Pro 600 for Christmas, so I've been playing with it a bit. Last night I made chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, and today I made butter.

Yes, butter. Never knew it could be so easy to do. I had 3 pints of whipping cream expiring, so I decided to use it rather than waste it. Hubby wanted me to make ice cream with it, so I took out about half the cream when it was whipped to the right consistency for ice cream, stirred in a can of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a can of chopped up peaches, and stuck that in the freezer.

I turned the mixer back on and let it do its thing until I had a mixture of butter and buttermilk. Poured the buttermilk into a Mason jar to use later for baking, rinsed the butter in cold water and added some sea salt, formed it into a ball, and put it in my butter jar.

In all, it took about 30 minutes to make a quart of ice cream and probably about a half-pound or more of whipped butter. And I saved wasting $6 worth of cream.

Just call me Tori Homemaker from here on out. :)

Thursday, December 04, 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Here it is almost Christmas, and I just realized I haven't posted since June! So much has happened over the past few months. If you're Facebook friends, you've heard it all and can skip most of this. :)  If not, and you're interested, read on.

In June we drove our grandson to Georgia Tech for his Duke TIP summer program, and then came home and started packing for our trip to California. My oldest son had just remodeled his kitchen and they saved their old one for me. A far better kitchen than I currently had. We took Bo to the Lone Star Dog Ranch to board for 3 weeks. It was hard for me to do, but I'd searched boarding facilities for weeks until I found just the right place.

For him, it was a three week resort vacation, complete with playmates! The Ranch posts daily pictures so I was able to keep up with him and his activities.

I'd post pictures, but theirs are copyrighted. If you'd like to see what Bo was up to, check out Bo at the Lone Star Dog Ranch. Once we'd dropped him off and I'd dried my tears, we were off to California, pulling a 6 x 12 trailer with our Ford Edge. Gotta give kudos to my Ford. It performed like a champ.

We drove through the middle part of West Texas so I could get some pictures and do some more research on the area where my Lone Star Cowboy books are set. I grew up in this area, but things have changed in mumblesomething years. Not a lot, but some.

Then we drove through New Mexico, stopping overnight in Roswell, visiting the White Sands Monument, before heading for Arizona and the Superstition Mountains. My book, Superstition, is set there and I'd never actually been there. I'd done all my research online. It was starkly beautiful, even though we hiked the park in 107 degree heat.

And then it was on to California! It's a long haul from east Texas to Los Angeles. Up and down hills and mountains, through rain storms and dust storms. I was never so glad to finally make it through the maze of L.A. highways and arrive at our destination.

 We stayed with our son for a couple of days, leaving the trailer at his house so he could use it to haul their camping gear up to Yosemite for their annual camping trip, and then we headed up the 101 (Pacific Coast Highway). It's been a dream of mine for a long time to make that drive. It's absolutely breathtaking. Sometimes literally when you're on hairpin turns coming down or going up a mountain.

The first couple of days were foggy and cold. After that it was mostly beautiful sunshine, but still chilly. We drove the PCH all the way to Washington, where we veered inland to Seattle because we'd spent so much time taking pictures that we were a full day behind schedule. We barely got to see Seattle because just after taking the trip up to the top of the Space Needle, we got a call that our youngest daughter had been involved in a bad accident. She wasn't hurt, but the two people on the motorcycle who hit her were.

There was nothing we could do from so far away, and our oldest daughter and my sister-and-brother-in-law were there to help her, but we'd lost the enjoyment of seeing new places and wanted only to go home. But we couldn't just yet. Our son and his family were on the way to Yosemite with our trailer, and we were supposed to join them. I really didn't think I'd enjoy it at all under the circumstances, but I did. Yosemite is beautiful, something every American should experience at least once. And yes, we roughed it.

After a week at Yosemite, it was time to go back to L.A. and load the trailer with my new kitchen. We got everything but the center island and the range hood in the trailer, and my son brought those out to us in October.

But first, we had two girls to move. My oldest bought a new house, so we moved her and the boys the first week in August. Then the youngest got a job and we moved her from our house to her new place the last two weeks of August.

We started work on the kitchen around the end of September, and finished it on the 22nd of November. We went from a small, cramped, rotting-floor mess to a beautiful, shiny new kitchen in just 8 weeks, doing most everything ourselves (meaning hubby did it and I handed him stuff). The boys came out for a week to help replace the rotted floor joists, run plumbing and electrical, and they helped carry in all the cabinets. Here are a few in-progress pictures.

And the finished product. I love it! Well, almost finished. We still have to put up the backsplash and do some painting around the window, but we're putting that off until after the holidays.

Needless to say, little to no writing has been done along the way. But now that life is settling down a bit, I'm back to work! I'm hoping to have a new release, the sequel to Lone Star Justice, out soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's That Time of Year--Wedding Season!

The newest boxed set by the Authors of Main Street is now live at Amazon, B&N, and most major retailers. Check out the trailer for Weddings on Main Street in the previous post, or watch it here

 And here are the eleven books offered in Weddings on Main Street: 

What a Cowgirl Wants by Tori Scott. It's wedding bells for Blake and Mandy, but the fairy tale wedding Mandy wants is in jeopardy when Blake's father butts in. Can Mandy still pull off the wedding of her dreams? 

April Fool Bride by Joan Reeves. Is it a marriage of convenience or something more? Something that sizzles like steam heat between Maddie and Jake that neither can resist. 

Wedding Surprise by Mona Risk. Two weeks before the big day, Claire and David receive some startling news that can destroy their relationship. Is their love for each other strong enough to turn the worst wedding surprise into the best? 

Small Town Glamour Girl Wedding by Stephanie Queen. USA TODAY Bestelling Author. Julie and Jack are over-the-moon in love. When their soon-to-be mothers-in-law reveal a stunning secret from the past, Jack and Julie must re-think the wedding. Will they or won’t they say I do? 

The Vow by Pepper Phillips. Coming home after ten years, Ann Normand is still not wanted. Except for Clay Couvillion. He’s a man now and he wants her to stay. Can she forget the past and open her heart or will she run again? 

The Reluctant Bride by Jill James. Jimmy and Claire were highschool sweethearts. After a decade of living together, there is still no wedding in sight. With the help of Claire’s family and friends, Jimmy has a plan to surprise, ambush, and wed his reluctant bride. 

Kiss the Bridesmaid by Susan R. Hughes. Serving as a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding should be a piece of cake for Mari. The icing on that cake is a gorgeous wedding photographer with an adorable daughter. Life couldn’t be sweeter until a problem Mari had thought she’d left in the past resurfaces to threaten her future. 

Second Chance Wedding by Leigh Morgan. After high school, loss strikes again and, Sunshine MacAlister leaves home with a broken heart. Twelve years later, Sun, now Dr. “Mel” MacAlister, returns home for her best friend's wedding, and comes face to face with the man she loved and left. 

Once Upon a Wedding by Kelly Rae. Cassie Anderson, bridesmaid extraordinaire, is tired of flying solo to all of her friends’ weddings. Unfortunately, the one man for whom she feels any spark has a nasty habit of having a date on his arm. 

Stuck with You by Kristy Tate. Whit offers to forgive Andie's debt if she’ll pose as his date at his brother’s wedding. Andie needs the money, and Whit believes it's the perfect way to escape his mother’s match-making schemes. Whit calls it a win-win situation, but Andie is afraid she may lose her heart. 

I Thee Wed by E. Ayers. A product of broken marriages, Julia never sees marriage for herself. She throws everything she's got into her career with Main Street Bridal Salon, until a crazy redhead with freckles named Aaron sweeps her off her feet. But a family secret is about to change everything. 

The 11 novella boxed set is just $2.99! That's more than 900 pages for less than the cost of most single books.

You're cordially invited to join us for Weddings on Main Street at a retailer near you.

Weddings on Main Street: A Romance Collection (Some Sweet; S