Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One set of taxes done!

Finally got my own taxes finished and sent off. I love Turbo Tax! Now I just have to do my youngest's taxes and help the youngest son with his.

Got my first royalty statement (and check. Yay!) Not as much as I'd hoped, but way more than I expected. LOL.

Just one more week of "volunteer" work (where it costs you almost as much in gas as you make on the job). Working for commission only sucks in this economy. And having people treat you like you're trying to rob them when you're only trying to make a living sucks even worse. But starting next week, we'll be in a place where we might actually not only make enough to pay the bills, we might even make enough to retire some of this mountain of debt. Once that's done we might be able to help the two kids who were laid off from their jobs recently and the one who still hasn't found a job and maybe even the one who's still in college.

And then there's that lottery ticket I bought yesterday....