Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Release! Cowboy Masquerade

There's a new addition to the Lone Star Cowboys series--Cowboy Masquerade. This novella picks up with Doc and Susan's story. You'll also see most of your favorite characters from the Triple S crew.

Dr. John Marshall has spent most of his life moving from town to town, following the rodeo circuit to patch up injured cowboys. Now he's ready to retire, open a practice in a small town somewhere, and enjoy life. His only real regret is that his lifestyle never gave him the chance to marry and have kids. At forty-five, he thinks he's too old to do so now. If he followed in his parents' footsteps, he didn't have too many good years left. 

Susan Hunt is a young widow with three children. Her husband died on the back of a bull three years earlier, and Dr. Marshall has been her rock ever since. He's been there for her through the grieving, the acceptance, he helped her get back on her feet and make a new life for herself and her kids. The one thing he isn't willing to do for her, though, is the one thing she needs the most. It's going to take some ingenuity and a little help from the Triple S crew to help Dr. Marshall see where his future lies.

It's available now on Amazon, and soon on most major retailers.