Thursday, October 12, 2017

To All the Heroes, I Salute You

I recently read a Facebook post by a man who had returned to the Napa fire area to rescue his horses. His American flag flew in front of his house and it hurt him to have to leave it, but he had no time to try and save it. Two fire crews were already in his yard, ready to try and save his house and he had to leave. When he returned, his house still stood, but his flag no longer flew. When he went inside, he found his flag, slightly charred and covered in soot, draped over the back of his couch. He was so touched that the firefighters had taken the time to take the flag down and save it.

That brought these thoughts to mind...

To the brave men and women who leave their parents, wives, husbands, children to defend our country against terrorism, against enemies who would seek to destroy us, I salute you. You endure hardships most of us cannot even imagine and risk--and sometimes give--your lives, often without thanks. You work for less than most fast-food workers, you endure extreme temperatures, you sleep in a hole in the ground because you love our country and respect our flag. You are deserving of the highest honor this world can give. I pray for your safety every day and pray you will return home to your family safe and sound.

To the brave men and women who fight the good fight at home, whether it's fighting fires or standing between us and the criminals on the street, I salute you. Your service, also, is often without thanks, and sometimes you face derision from the very people you are charged to protect. Your pay might be a little more than what our soldiers receive, but not by much. It is not nearly enough for what you do for us. I also pray for your safety every day and pray you will return home to your family safe and sound.

To our President and Vice-President, our First and Second ladies, I salute you. You have taken on the most thankless job of all. Not only are you derided by the vicious left, but you have to fight a daily battle with a media owned by some of the evilest men our country (and in some cases foreign countries) have produced. They have an agenda to destroy this country in order to bring in their New World order and they don't care how many lies they have to tell to do that. But please know that you have many, many people who stand with you, who don't believe the lies, and who pray every day for God to grant you wisdom and safety.

To the NFL leaders, coaches, and players--for you, I take a knee. You do nothing for this country. You make millions of dollars every year and burn through it with drugs, fancy cars, mansions, and women. Oh, you might break a leg or get a concussion, but it's all in fun, right? You make those millions doing nothing more than throwing or chasing a ball. And then you have the audacity to kneel there and say you are oppressed! How about getting off your high horse and putting those millions to use righting the wrongs you supposedly see? But no, the NFL takes in billions and then gets the taxpayers to pay for the stadiums. You pay no taxes because somehow you got non-profit status. That is a disgrace. I hope President Trump takes your tax-exempt status away from you so you can feel the pinch like the rest of us. I hope the citizens stop paying for your stadiums. Even better, I hope they show their displeasure with your "protests" by using their remotes to change the channel, by no longer buying tickets or merchandise until you grow up and start using your position and money for good, in a way that benefits this country rather than just yourselves.

I am proud of my country, despite those who vilify everything good about it. My country is more than a political party or a political agenda. My country is our soldiers, our police and firefighters, the farmers in the heartland, the small business owners trying to survive against the giants like Amazon and Walmart, the mothers and fathers doing their best to raise their children in a scary world and keep the bills paid and food on the table. To all of you who are trying to be the best you can be against incredible opposition, I salute you.