Sunday, August 17, 2008

Press Release update

I've seen the press release several places online so far, but the most exciting was to see it in the Yahoo Financial News! Have any of you seen it yet, other than here?

Still no reviews. Might have to change the contest if some don't start showing up soon.

This has really been a tough week at work. I have to wonder how some people live with themselves, considering how they treat others. But you have to let it roll off and keep on working or you'll go crazy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Contest! Win a copy of Double Exposure.

I've been trying to come up with a contest. Since I've looked high and low all over the web and can't find a review of Double Exposure, I'll give a PDF ARC of the book to the first person who finds--or posts--a review for Double Exposure and sends me a link to the review.


Press Release

My editor is brilliant. She just sent out the following press release and I'm excited to see what kind of response and exposure we get from it.


E-Books Provide Hidden Benefits to Readers
Says Bible Belt Author of Erotic Romances

Author Offers Insight into Why Romance Readers Are Secretly Flocking to E-Books

“Being from a small town in the Bible belt, I appreciate the fact that Red Sage e-books let my readers shop in total privacy without worrying about who might find out what they're reading."

“I can buy 4 e-books for what I would spend on gas alone. "

In DOUBLE EXPOSURE (Red Sage Publishing, on sale August 1, 2008), the newest short novel in the Red Sage Presents line of hit e-books, newcomer Tori Scott writes about a romantic couple who expose their skin for a lingerie catalog photo shoot even while they must struggle to hide their identities. This delicate balance between exposure and secrecy is familiar to romance writers and readers alike.
In a candid interview, the Golden Heart-nominated Texas author talks about her inspiration for DOUBLE EXPOSURE and the compelling reasons that make erotic romance e-books an underground success:

Tori, you are releasing a short contemporary erotic romance novel that touches upon an important issue in many readers’ lives: the tension between private behavior and public opinion. Can you draw a correlation between your characters, your readers, and you?

There's certainly a parallel here between the fictional and real worlds. The heroine in DOUBLE EXPOSURE, Lacy Fitzgerald, is being pressured to give up her career aspirations and be a “good girl,” to enter a loveless marriage and become a model wife and mother. Instead, Lacy becomes another kind of model -- a lingerie model for her new, high-end lingerie design business. Even though it’s a perfectly respectable business, she is mocked and scorned by many people who should be cheering for her success, and her model partner, hero Gabe Wallace, lies about his identity so that people in their Texas town won’t know that he’s posing for pictures in his briefs. Even though most people wear undergarments, Lacy and Gabe must struggle to come to terms with public prejudice against lingerie.

Writing and reading erotic romance can draw a similar response from people. This is a huge business with a vast readership, yet readers have been complaining about romance covers for decades because they don’t want the public to see them carrying one of “those books.”

E-books help us get around that problem, and that’s probably one of the reasons that romance e-books sales estimates claim about half of the overall e-books market. I'm excited about Red Sage's new e-book program because I'm an avid online shopper. I prefer to download my books rather than driving thirty miles to the nearest bookstore where I have to search for the book I want, then wait in line, book in hand, to buy it. I can buy four books for what I would spend on gas alone, and nobody knows what I’ve bought.

I've loved Red Sage books since I got my hands on my first Secrets volume at a writers’ conference. Being one of Red Sage's authors is a dream come true. And being from a small town in the Bible belt, I appreciate the fact that Red Sage ebooks let my readers shop in total privacy without worrying about who might find out what they're reading.

About Red Sage Publishing
Before there were e-books, before there was something labeled "erotic romance," there was Red Sage. The first Secrets anthology was released in 1995 and caught on with readers immediately. It's still in print to this day, as are all the other Secrets volumes released since then. The staying power of these anthologies is a testament to their quality.

In 2007, Red Sage launched Red Sage Presents, a new line of e-books destined for the same level of success as the Secrets volumes. Available at its proprietary website and other e-book distribution outlets, these stories have proven to be every bit as popular as the print books. Within weeks of their availability at Fictionwise, Red Sage presents authors had captured the number one spot in their category and had placed two additional titles in the top ten, with several more climbing the charts each week.

About Author Tori Scott
Tori Scott has always loved to read, especially anything with even a hint of romance. Over the years, Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames gave way to Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts, and Tori was hooked on romance. Her husband, a professional photographer, has given Tori plenty of inspiration for her stories, and now enjoys helping her "research." She writes as they drive from one Bible belt shooting location to another.

By Tori Scott
Red Sage Presents, E-Books Division of Red Sage Publishing
ISBN 9781603102063
ON SALE 8/01/08