Monday, October 23, 2006

Control Your Dogs, People!

My dog Blue was attacked by a pack of dogs tonight, including a pit bull (On our own property). One on one, he could have whipped them, but there were 6 or 7 of them. He's hurt, neck torn, dripping blood but not gushing. He won't let me touch any part of him other than the top of his head. There are no vets open around here. He's finally settled down on a pillow next to my desk and he's moaning. It's tearing my heart out.

I'm shaking with fury at the neighbors who refuse to do anything about this pack of dogs that hang around their house. My dh told them that the next time one of their dogs puts just one paw on our property, it was dead. No more warnings. Dh is sitting with the shotgun at his side right now. I hate hurting animals, and so does the dh. But this bunch is running as a pack and now we've seen what they're capable of. The neighbors have three little boys. Is it going to take one of those children being maimed or killed before they wake up? I hope to God not.

I don't know what to do for Blue. If I had valium, I'd probably slip him one and try to see how badly he's injured. He's so touchy I don't know if I could even get him into the car and to the vet's office. He nearly attacked the dh just for moving his pillow. But dear God, I hate listening to him moan in pain.

And we have to work tomorrow. How can I go off and leave him? He'll have to stay in the house, because I can't leave him outside until those dogs are gone.

Somedays it just doesn't pay to get up

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