Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blue update

Just a quick update. Blue is moving very slowly, holding his neck still, barely turning his head. Looks like the dogs went for his throat mostly. Going to the vet today for tranquilizers so I can take him in to be checked.

One good thing out of all of this is that the neighbor across the street has restrained his pit bull and is building a fence to keep him in. The neighbors next door seem to have gotten rid of most of the other dogs. Hopefully they took them to the pound. Since they have small children, I think possibly this incident might have prevented a worse tragedy in the future.


Sara Thacker said...

I hope Blue's injuries are not too bad that he needs any extra help from the vet other than just a bit of medicine. It breaks my heart that he was hurt.

Tori Scott said...

Thanks Sara. He's getting better all the time. Actually followed me outside this evening when I went to feed the Great Pyrs. Normally he'd race me to their pen and beat me by a good 30 seconds. Tonight he trailed along behind me and never barked once. But he's wagged his tail a few times and he is moving around quite a bit better than yesterday.

Meretta said...

My best to Blue! Packs of dogs are just plain and out trouble.

And you have Great Pyrs? I have one, too and a better dog I've never owned! Ours is named Tala and she's a sweetheart. We all love her to bits. :)

Tori Scott said...

Our Pyrs are wonderful dogs. I'm going to be so sad to lose them. Dollie is 10 years old, and Willie is 9 1/2. They've been together since they were pups. 10 is the average lifespan for these gentle giants, so we know we only have a short time left with them.

Tried to get a tranquilizer for Blue, but the vet said it's a controlled narcotic, so he has to see him first. But I can't get him to a vet without a tranquilizer. Catch 22. The side of his neck is very swollen, so he needs to be seen. I just don't know what to do at this point.