Friday, October 13, 2006

For Old Times' Sake

The dh and I went to the State Fair today for a trip down memory lane. Our second date 35 years ago was an all day and half the night trip to the fair. In 1971 we spent 15 hours at the fair, rode rides off and on all day, ate ourselves silly, played the Midway games, and made out beside the lake. All in all, we spent $100 that day.

Today it costs $13 per ticket just to get in, $10 to park, a hamburger/fries/coke costs $11. We didn't buy anything but lunch. No way were we going to spend $10 for a $2 box of salt water taffy or $4 for a 6 oz. beer. I missed out on the fried Oreos, fried Mac and cheese, cotton candy, etc. Good thing, since I'm still on a diet. But we had a great time looking at the cars (have you seen Saturn's new convertible? Gorgeous!), going through the Creative Arts building, watching the Frisbie dog show, and just walking around holding hands, being together.

I love my dh. He's a really good man. And he's a prince for taking me back down memory lane.

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