Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nitwit of the Month!

I'm not a fan of politicians just on general principle. Just for example--Foley. There's a problem child if there ever was one.

But this guy, Fred Head (Oh, what I could do with that last name, but I'll refrain!), takes the cake for sheer stupidity and gall. He's running for Comptroller in Texas. His campaign is all about how he's such a good Christian family man, and how his opponent is a porn writer.

HUH???? Susan Combs wrote a book for Kismet Romance that was published in 2000. First off, Kismet didn't publish porn. Yeah, there was a love scene in there, but it was pretty damned tame compared to today's books. But Mr. High and Mighty has decided it's his place to judge (even though the Bible says judge not that ye be not judged) Susan Combs--publicly--for achieving something so many of us would love to achieve.

As if the above isn't enough to get Mr. Head (his mother really should have named him Richard) named as Nitwit of the Month, he has taken this stand in Texas--home of Romance Writers of America. Duh--what a NitWit.

Not only that, he copied pages (on a copier, poorly done at that) of Susan's book and posted them on his website. Go take a look. (click on the blog title) or go to the page at http://www.votefredhead.com/book.html I think that's a violation of copyright laws, isn't it?

Do we really want a nitwit like this controlling our money in Texas? I don't THINK so. I'm voting for Susan Combs.

(This is a personal opinion post and is not instigated by anyone other than myself.)


Glamorous Redneck said...

Gah! I remember hearing about this McSpazatron a couple of months ago already. Some people will pull out and twist just about anything if they think it will make them sound better.

I HATE politics. Hate, hate, hate, hate.


Denise Patrick said...

I remember reading about this idiot a few months ago, too. It begs the question of whether he frequents bookstores or not, doesn't it? And that calls into question his intelligence - or at least his ability to read!


Jennie Adams said...

Nice excerpt. I'll have to keep my eye out for the book in the second hand stores here. If Ms Coombs is still writing, I shall look into buying her current LOVE stories, too.


Jennie Adams said...

LOVE stories being the emphasis in each case.

Sorry - logged off too quick.


Grace Tyler said...

Interesting viewpoint. I know you're in the bible belt, but hopefully people will smell him for the bigot he is.

Nell Dixon said...

What a twonk! It sounded like a great book, I wouldn't mind reading it.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is missing the bigger picture, Susan
wrote a book with sex and then Susan
took a public position during debate on a sex education (ABSENCE ONLY)
bill while she served as a State Representative. The point, Susan
is a hypocrite.

Fred Head is clearly stating the facts.

Please debate how you can write a book of this nature and then took a public position of sex education (ABSENCE ONLY) bill. Can't have it both ways.

Tori Scott said...

First, I think you mean abstinence, not absence. And the bill was regarding children, not consenting adults. For children under the age of 18, abstinence is the best policy. But God created sex in the first place, gave his blessing to it, and told us to go forth and multiply.

Romance as a genre is about one man, one woman, in love, committed only to each other, with marriage either the stated or assumed result. There is nothing hypocritical about Susan advocating this type of relationship between adults and also advocating abstinence for teenagers.

The real hypocrite is a man who can find nothing to criticize about a very professional woman except that she was talented enough to write a book and get it published (not an easy feat, believe me.) I've been very impressed with what I've seen of her so far.

I've been unimpressed with Mr. Head on several levels, including the spelling and grammar errors on his website, the fact that he doesn't know the difference between pornography and romance, and the fact that he doesn't have a clue about the impact of the romance industry on the economy. I don't want him handling my money or the millions of dollars romance brings into this state each year because he's out of touch with reality.

He's lost the vote of every romance writer (published and unpublished) in this state and he has no hope of regaining those votes. And all of us have told friends and family about his lack of knowledge and understanding, the silliness of the entire attack, and we've asked them not to vote for him. I even had one writer tell me she's going to break a lifelong tradition and vote Republican in this instance, something she's never done before.

Romance has been around since Biblical times (read the Song of Solomon), it brings a great deal of joy to millions of readers, and it promotes the idea of a one man/one woman committed relationship in a time where music and movies seem to promote a promiscous lifestyle. Mr. Head should pull his head out from whereever he has it stuck and apologize to Ms. Combs and all the writers he insulted by association.

Kate R said...

my favorite quote about all this is something along the lines of "sex is anti-family".

d'errrrr....how did the family get created in the first place?

I recall reading somewhere that Susan Combs apologized for writing the book. If that's true, bad move, Susan.

Never apologize because the gazillion unpubbed romance rioters will gnash their teeth and say HEY, who wasted The Call on that ingrate and not on me?

And Tori? You go, woman.

PS You have some anon pol type giving you guff in your blog. I have freaking SANTA in mine. Sob.

Kate R said...

children under 18? Eighteen? Abstinence?
It's a strong kid who'll resist the call of nature, and I don't mean the urge to pee.

I'm sorry, but it's quite a lot to expect the laws of man to outdo the Need to Breed. It's too individual for government to get in there. God bless the ones who make it, but don't Goddamn the ones who don't. And anyway, it's between them and their god. What's the deal with gummint here?

I'm sounding surprisingly like one of them libertarians.

Kate R said...

never mind it wasn't santa, it was a kid. far worse.

Michelle Pillow said...

Wow, Anon really made the rounds last night, lol. Out of curiosity, I looked it up. :)

I already stated my response to her/his debate request on my blog. BTW, someone tracked where the comments were coming from, lol.

The short of it is, Teaching kids to abstain (not absence, lol) is not the same as books for adults. They are clearly two different issues and this is a weak, see through attempt at political campaigning--notice where all the links go to. They really should hit facts, not candidate election websites.

Michelle M Pillow, www.michellepillow.com -- so I'm not Anon :)

Kate R said...

yeah, it hit our blog too, Tori. Check it out. http://romanceunleashed.com/blog/?p=471

Jessica Trapp said...

Hi, Tori! Cheering and clapping for you.

I'm voting ABSENCE for Fred Head.

LOL at your comment that his mom should have named him Richard.

Jessica Trapp

Tori Scott said...

Kate, I agree kids have to be strong to resist temptation, but I know several who have and are much happier because of it. Teenagers might have the equipment, but they don't have the emotional maturity to deal with the consequences.

But I also agree it's none of the government's business. Schools should go back to teaching math, English, science, geography, computers, etc. and leave the moral training to the parents and/or the church.