Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Review for Lone Star Justice

Five Stars by By Sharyn Lynes

"This is a very enjoyable and entertaining book which will hold your interest from the first page. It is a reminder that no matter how a person begins life, hard work and determination will triumph in the end. An unwed single mother who is literally driven out of her home town, becomes a respected criminal court Judge. Respected and admired by her peers in the judicial world, Judge Maddie Cooper returns to her home town to proctect her young daughter from an insane stalker/serial killer. Judge Maddie Cooper must face and deal with the heartbreak and betrayal that drove her from the town years ago. She also has to face the Father of her child, who does not know he is a father. I will read this book again in the future as it is well written and very enjoyable.?

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