Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cover Poll

For the upcoming release, Blame it on Texas. I'm trying to decide on a cover. Any opinions, comments, and votes would be appreciated. Which one do you like better? Any suggestions to make the covers look better? I really wanted the dog on the cover because he plays a fairly big part in the book, but I like the composition of the other cover better. What do you think?


Norah Wilson said...

I like them both, Tori, but maybe #1 better. I love the dog and the green grass in #2, but because the couple is superimposed on the grass, it almost looks like she's supposed to be literally on the grass, even though the size tells you they can't possibly be. But in the other one, they're floating in the sky and we "get it" better, I think. That's got to be the hardest part, melding images like that.

Tori Scott said...

In my mind, I can merge them perfectly. Dh is having a bit more trouble doing it on the computer. LOL