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First Review for Perfectly Satisfied gets 5 stars! / for book lovers and readers.


Regina has been in love with Sam since the third grade. However, being from completely different worlds always came between them. Sam is the billionaire high society guy, while Regina is a struggling business owner who is always low on cash. While on a cruise with their best friends, both have a chance to connect with the other.


I am a fan of the first book, 'Satisfaction Guaranteed', and fell in love with all the characters. In addition, after reading 'Perfectly Satisfied', I think it surpass Satisfaction Guaranteed. This story falls in the category of sweet with a dash of Cinderella. The story picks up from the first book, when all the friends decided to go on a cruise; it also felt like a continuation from book one. I would also advise the reader to read book 1 first, that way, you have a feel for the characters and a better understanding of everyone's story.

Sam, poor little rich guy. In romance novels, the millionaires are always so Alpha, but in this story, Sam, was so awkward and clueless and for me, that is what made me fell in love with his character. His way of thinking had a lot to do with his parents and upbringing. Regina was your typical hard worker, who always thought she never fits into Sam's world. Both their chemistry were so fun, sweet, and interesting to read.

As for the other characters, they are what made this book so much more fun to read. Cara and Gray from book one is apart of the story, and still had major roles that didn't detract from the main characters. I am also extremely excited that we were introduced to Mitch and Angel; their roles in the book were interesting and a teaser for book 3. This novella will not disappoint.

Sweetest moment: What Sam did for Regina while watching Cinderella.

Story: GOOD
Intimacy: SWEET
Enjoyment: GOOD

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