Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Fun to Look Back

I spent the last hour reading through old blog posts. It's amazing how much has changed in the 6-7 years since I started this blog. I used to be a lot chattier about life back then, for one thing. Now the blog is more about the books than about me. Or maybe I was just more interesting back then. Life today is all about work and writing. Most of the animals are gone, so there's not much to write about there. Kids have grown up and moved out, and the youngest share absolutely nothing about their lives, so not much in the way of anecdotes.

For those who've followed my kids' school and career activities, an update: Tana was laid off from her engineering job at TI, so she got her teacher certification and is now teaching high school algebra. Tony, Jr. got married a couple of years ago and is now step-dad to three teenagers and is working for Google. Timothy moved to southern California, where he does the website design for Rebecca is at Harvard, working on her doctorate in BioStatistics.

Tony and I have made some changes as well. He recently retired from Lifetouch, has learned to make covers for my books, and is going to be doing some freelance photography. I'm still officially employed, but without him to work with, there's not much for me to do. I'll be trying to scare up some free lance work myself, as well as finishing more books to put up for sale.

If you need editing or formatting work, Tana is available to help with that, and Tony will be available after Nov. 23rd. They are both excellent at copy editing. Tony can also do book covers if you need them.

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