Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What an amazing five months it's been...

Last June, I was worried about how I was going to pay the bills. Some friends encouraged me to self-publish my books on Amazon and Smashwords. I was terrified. I didn't think there was any way I could learn the formatting, and then I worried that no one would want my books. But I buckled down and figured out how to format and published Lean on Me, my very first book and Golden Heart finalist. It sold a few copies but it wasn't setting the world on fire. Then I published Undercover Vices, followed by Satisfaction Guaranteed. The last one caught on and sales started to rise.

In between getting the books up, I had to learn to use Twitter, had to force myself out of my shell and start interacting with people, had to join a couple of groups to learn promotion. Satisfaction Guaranteed sales kept rising. I finished Lone Star Justice and put it up. People were beginning to complain that Perfectly Satisfied wasn't available so I started writing it while working 60-70 hours a week at the day job. Keep in mind that I hadn't written a book from scratch in quite some time, so it was a big deal for me, even though it's a novella.

Satisfaction Guaranteed hit the #1 spot for novellas on Amazon and sales kept rising. Sales of the other books increased as well. Finally, in the month of October, I reached the point in my sales where I felt comfortable enough to make another major change--I told the hubby he could retire. I'll still work for a while, but I'm younger and I spent 5 years at home doing nothing but writing, so it's his turn.

I finally finished Perfectly Satisfied and uploaded it yesterday. I don't know if it will sell like Satisfaction Guaranteed did, but I hope it will. I hope that sometime in the near future I can quit the day job and go back to writing full time. But in the meantime, I'm pretty much in awe of how my life has changed. I've published 5 books, and I'm working on another. I've gone from being depressed about our finances to being hopeful. And I've gone from not writing at all to writing pretty much every day.


Hope Chastain said...

Wow! I'm impressed, & just may follow in your footsteps. :) Keep up the great work, and many congratulations!!!

Tori Scott said...

Go for it, Hope!