Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Review for Satisfaction Guaranteed

This was an interesting proposition, with a hero and heroine who went from being friends to almost-lovers back in high school, then back to friends, and finally, 15 years later, to lovers. Tori Scott really sets the scene for the seduction, and I was glad to see the characters get their HEA at last.

The author does pack a lot into this little novella, including a sub-plot/secondary romance. As always happens to me (even with Suzanne Brockmann's amazing SEAL stories), I found myself wanting to leap forward and have more of the secondary romance even as the primary one was unfolding in front of me. I've come to accept that's just a quirk of my nature. But I'm still anxious for Tori Scott's follow-up so I can read Reggie & Sam's romance. Of course, I fully expect the author will introduce another secondary romance and my imagination will go haring off toward that one. (Yes, I am hopeless.)

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