Friday, October 07, 2011

What was your favorite research trip?

My absolute favorite trip so far was to Mesa Verde. I have a book (finished, but not yet published) that has its roots in Native American culture. The book still needs a lot of work, which will have to wait until the day job slows a bit, but the hubby and I took advantage of a needed trip to California a couple of years ago to take a side trip to southern Colorado. We visited Mesa Verde, an amazing place with so much to see and do. (Be sure you have a full tank of gas before heading inside, though.)

I was amazed at the cliff dwellings. How did people a thousand years ago accomplish such an amazing endeavor? And how did those mothers not panic seeing their children scrambling up and down the cliff walls? I could only imagine their terror when forest fires roared through the canyons. But there was such an overall sense of peace in those dwellings, a spiritual connection with a long ago people. I hope to return someday to explore further and visit some of the dwellings I was too chicken to try (like the one with the 100 ladder. Hubby did it, I didn't.)

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