Monday, October 03, 2011

First Review for Lone Star Justice

This is the author's first go at romantic suspense and let's all hope it isn't her last cuz not only am I depending on her to write Cody's story it would just plain be a shame! Right from the start I was in a whirlwind of emotions ranging from wanting to kick someone's butt to being suspicious of every character! As for the main characters Maddie and Rand...ahhh unrequited love and secret's that will change everything. I particularly liked how this author gave us all the details that are usually lacking in most books at just how the characters and events had been manipulated or sabotaged. I think laying it out in this way was a great way to flow from young love, anger & betrayal, to finding their way back without it seeming rushed, unrealistic or cheesy. Throw in some humor and sex and what more could you want or ask for! I suggest you buy it, read it and enjoy it as I did.

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