Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! The Best Gift.

Crime Author RJ Parker read and reviewed Lone Star Justice. Those of you who know me well know that Allison Brennan is one of my favorite authors, one of those authors whose books I buy as soon as they're released. Read what RJ said about Lone Star Justice, and you'll see why his review absolutely made my day.

5.0 out of 5 stars A HEART-WARMING SUSPENSE ROMANCEJune 1, 2012
This review is from: Lone Star Justice (Kindle Edition)
LONE STAR JUSTICE by prolific western/romance writer, Tori Scott is one of my favorite stories. I only recently stumbled across this author and I find her writing is along the same caliber as the amazing Allison Brennan. I recently read and reviewed Tori's Blame it on Texas and Blue Moon Over Texas (Lone Star Cowboys) and really enjoyed them. I like this author so much that I after just finishing this book, today I started Superstition (Team Indigo).

Madelyn Cooper and Rand McCade were friends and lovers in their teens. At 18, Madelyn got pregnant and before she had a chance to tell Rand, she was blackmailed by the local doctor to get out of town and to never return.

Her daughter Brandy, is now 14, and Madelyn has excelled in her career and is now a Judge. She also has a stalker who is threatening her and Brandy. Maddie and Brandy leaves the city and returns to her old hometown to get away from the threat. Rand is now Sheriff of Greendale and upon finding out that he is a dad, he vows to keep his family safe.

The author created three of the most lovable characters in Maddie, Rand and Brandy and an excellent story as well. This book has romance, suspense, mystery and a heart-warming ending...what more could you ask for in a novel.

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