Thursday, July 06, 2006

Say that again, please? In English, this time.

I received this email on one of my loops. Thank God it wasn't one of my writing loops, but a flea market one. But still...Would you hire this person to fix your resume?

The ad:

Have you noticed that your resume needs to be updated and am not sure how to do it? Do you need to write a letter and am not sure of the proper words to use? I can help. The website listed below lists provided services. Please browse and see is you are interested in having me so a project for you.

Then she signs her name, and under that her title: Senior Technical Advisor.

And I'm finding it difficult to find a job?????????

Good Lord.


barbara said...

That's why I'm self employed. I could never work for one of these idiots

Tori Scott said...

Well, we've been self-employed for years and years. Now we're in our fifties with no savings, no retirement, no health care, and not much more time we can do the actual work, so....

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go...If I can find a job.