Sunday, July 09, 2006

Anthology or book?

The 4 ladies who participated in the latest RR are working on their stories--I'm doing Josie's story, Nancy's doing LaWanda's (she's renaming her Rhonda), Grace is doing Donna's, I think, and I guess Barbara is going to do Midge's? Anyway, wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on the best way to do this. Right now we're thinking of our RR start as the Prologue or first chapter, then follow that with Josie's story, then Rhonda's, etc. each written by a different author. Kind of an anthology with a prologue.

Or would it be better to do a continuity series? This, of course, means longer stories for each member of the group, but that's still do-able.

So which would you choose?


Lyn Cash said...

Ok, I'll bite. I've done my own anthology (plus worked on those with others) as well as the novels, and my vote is to go for the anthology...with continuous, linking characters.

Just read your offerings from a day or so ago and howled - quite good, ladies.

And, Tori, it's great to see that calf looking as it does today!!! Poor baby almost didn't make it.

Lyn Cash said...

p.s. - My reasoning for anthology as opposed to novel is this. Everyone from the e-publishers to big houses has anthologies, and if you sell to an e-pub, the stories will debut as novellas first and then an anthology if the stories do well. If it goes straight to NY, you'll still have a greater chance of having it snapped up, IMO, because so many of them from Kensington to Berkley are doing anthologies.

BEST OF LUCK with it!

Tori Scott said...

Thanks Lyn!

Be sure to check out Lyn's books, ladies and gentlemen. They're great!