Monday, February 27, 2012

Sales Update

I quit posting my sales stats because, supposedly, Amazon doesn't let us do that (according to their TOS). However, I can tell you this much. My sales at B&N are up 500% over where they were in November, and my Amazon income is up 600% over November. January was my best month, numbers wise, but February is the best so far paycheck wise. Sales were down the last two weeks of February. I don't know if that's due to all the Amazon Select books available free, or people are busy doing clue. I hope things pick back up in March. I'd like to see my Satisfaction books back at the top of the lists. I was selling 15,000 a month of those in Dec and January, but they've dropped off to around 3000 a month. Right now I'm concentrating my promotion efforts on Blame it on Texas and Lone Star Justice while they're still in Select, because I've opted not to renew their inclusion in Select after March 9. I don't like Amazon's inflexible "thou shalt not while in Select" policies.

Watch for the Romantic Times ad for Superstition coming out in the June edition. It will be handed out at the RT convention and available in bookstores.


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