Monday, February 27, 2012

News, Reviews, and Opinions

In new news, I'm working on the sequel to Blame it on Texas. No tentative publication date yet because the writing is going slowly. There's been a lot going on at home, Spring is in the air, drawing my attention to the outdoors, I've started a serious diet and exercise program, and promotion takes up way too much of my time. Seriously. I'm thinking about hiring a publicist to take care of that stuff.

I have a half-dozen ideas tugging at my brain, saying "write me! write me!" And I want to. But have to finish this one first, then write the sequel to Superstition. I think I'm going to title it Legend. Then I want to write another series of shorts and I have the idea for it, just not titles or time yet.

I'm really ready to hit the road to take wildflower pictures. Texas should be awash in bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, azaleas, crimson clover, sage and so many other flowers soon. We'll probably try taking the dog with us this time, since he's on twice-a-day medications. That could be interesting. He obeys fine as long as he's inside. Outside, he thinks he's the master of his universe.

I've had several new reviews lately, most of which fill me with happiness. I did have one where the reviewer thought I should have done more research since she, a New Yorker, obviously knew more about Texas than I (a native Texan, born and bred) did. Was good for a chuckle or two.

As for opinions, I have many. Most aren't fit for publication since I'm not always politically correct, but the strongest one I have right now has to do with pirates and plagiarists. Look, I worked twelve years to write these books. They are MINE! If you want to sell a book, write your own. If you want to give some away free, WRITE YOUR OWN! I have to pay bills, taxes, insurance, medical bills, buy groceries, and buy a new car solely with the proceeds from my writing. I have no interest in supporting your household as well.

Literary thieves should be subject to prosecution and prison time like any other thief. That's my opinion.

Until next time, I wish you Spring!



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