Monday, May 28, 2007

Honoring Those Who Have Fallen

My father-in-law, Archie Payne 1923-2005

My father, Charles Maeker 1927-1998

These pictures are indicative of where my thoughts are today...

I don't personally know anyone who died while in service to our country, but I have been priviledged to know many who served our country with honor--some still living, some having passed on. My oldest daughter served in the Coast Guard, my father was a Merchant Marine during World War II, my father-in-law was in an Army tank division during that same time. A friend's husband served in Vietnam and my brother-in-law was a Sea Bee. My nephew served time in the Navy and is thinking about signing back up. I have a number of friends whose children are in Iraq or who are preparing to return.

My prayers today are thanks to those who protect us, prayers for safety to those fighting wars overseas, and prayers for our leaders to find a way out of this war that is costing so many young lives.

My wish for those serving is that our government would realize how great the sacrifices are that you make, and that your families make. I think it's appalling that one soldier I know of has to sell his truck to be able to come home to see his four year old son before he deploys back to Iraq. I think it's appalling that our soldiers don't have enough ammunition, don't have proper safety equipment, often don't have enough food. That their families are many times destitute because their pay for fighting is so much lower than their civilian pay was.

The least we can do, as Americans, is say thank you. Send a card to a soldier today. And if you can, include a $20 bill, a phone card, a book--something to let them know you care.


Shelby Reed said...

A beautiful tribute. I especially love the old photographs.

I sure miss my old RWU friend! How's the writing? Will you be at RWA National in July? If so, let me know--I'd love to meet up with you.

Miss you, pal! And your beautiful stories!

Tori Scott said...

Thanks, Shelby. And no, I won't be at National, at least not as a registered guest. I might drive up to hang out in the bar one day.

Unfortunately, our jobs are very dependent on a strong housing boom, and right now it's a bust instead. Always happens when there's a war on. So even though I live close enough to drive, I can't afford the registration fee or hotel room.

As for the writing...well, it's going, but slowly. I miss you too.