Thursday, May 10, 2007

Faster than the speed of...huh?

Got Wild Blue Satellite internet yesterday. I was looking forward to being able to actually watch video trailers and upload pictures. The dh was excited about finally being able to surf the web without my computer activity slowing him down.

Well, all we did was build ourselves up to a huge disappointment. $300 for equipment, $50.00 a month for service we're tied into for a full year, and I'm still on dialup. The Wild Blue worked on my computer (way slower than advertised) for about 4 hours. Then the clouds moved in and that was that. No more connection. Can't get it back up. Don't know when the technician can get back out here (he's 2 hours away). I was lied to about having back up dial up service (only the most expensive package has that, and only 10 hours a month). I was told it would be as reliable, if not more, than my Dish Network satellite service. Sorry, Dish is on, Wild Blue is not.

I'm so mad at myself for signing up for this. I'll be out nearly $1000 for something that doesn't work. And I'm still crawling along like a turtle at 12.0 kbps at the moment.



Travis Erwin said...

I too live in out in the sticks so i feel your pain. I have been considering WildBlue myslef so if nothing else you ahve saved me some money. Thank you. I can use all the help I can get.

By the way I like the wordage in your profile about not apologizing for what you write. I am a male writing women's fiction and for some reason there are some that think I should apologize for this. Jsut discovered your blog but I'll be back. Nearly all of my writer friends are romance novelists.

Tori Scott said...

euWelcome, Travis!

I have several male romance writer friends, so you're not alone out there. And hey, never apologize. If someone doesn't like what you do, remind them it's none of their business and you'll be sure not to share your royalties with them when you're rich and famous. :)

As for Wild Blue, I'm hoping it's an equipment problem they can fix, but I'll keep you updated.

Tori Scott said...

Oh, hey Travis, are you from Lubbock? That's where I was born!

Josh Lockwood said...

Just read your post, Travis, and wanted to let you know you're not alone. I, too, am a male writing women's fiction.

In the beginning I was hit with the stereotype mindset - that men writing romance must either be gay or very, very effeminate - and I'm neither. It's odd that, when my female acquaintances learned I was a romance writer, rather than shun me they seemed to hold me in higher regard as a man who understood their emotions. So don't ever apologize for what you like to write. Just keep writing.

Tori Scott said...

Yeah, and anyone who thinks Josh is gay because he writes romance should take a look at his wife. She's gorgeous! LOL.

Good to see you, Josh.