Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Most of the blog posts I've seen the last couple of days have been about making resolutions. I'm not doing that this year. I've set some goals--to complete the rewrite of Last Breath and write the sequel, and to find a new source of income--but that's pretty much it. Yes, I have habits I need to break, weight I need to lose, etc., but I find that if I make those into New Year's resolutions, then I feel like I've failed when I eat that first bite of chocolate or yield to temptation and buy that first Dr. Pepper, and I give up. So this year it's going to be more about daily discipline and less about all or nothing.

To that end, my goals include writing 3 pages per day, every day, or 90 pages per month. Hmmm, that doesn't sound like much. But hopefully I'll have days when I write a lot more, but no days where I write less. And I'm checking into franchises and other ways of earning an income way out in the boondocks where jobs are scarce and rarely pay more than $6 an hour.

I've already accomplished one goal I'd set: to write a will. I've put it off for years, but I decided it was time.

What are your goals for 2007?

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Tori said...

Well, I'm well on my way to accomplishing some of my goals. I've lost 25 pounds, found a job writing website content that pays very well (and means writing copious amounts every day), and I've learned several new skills that will serve me well in the future.

Now, if I can just find time to query agents and finish those novellas!