Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Here's another list of things you probably didn't know about me (and probably didn't really want to know, either. :) . The things I've done are in bold

1. Used real snow to make/eat a snow cone -- Yes, and snow ice cream as well. It was my favorite thing about living in New York

2. Slept in you car while parked at the side of the road--and in truck stop parking lots

3. Didn't go to bed until 4 in the morning on New Year's Day --actually, I do this quite often when I'm writing.

4. Dyed an Easter egg, using all the colors available

5. Catch a scent on the air that reminded you of something from your childhood (graham crackers really cause a sense of deja vu. my grandmother's pantry always smelled like that)

6. Taken a picture of the sky because it was a remarkable shade of blue that day--or because the cloud formations were really cool, or there was a rainbow, or...

7. Caught a fish and cleaned it yourself, then cooked it for dinner

8. Wished you bought two pairs of your favorite shoes -- many times. One of these days I'll learn to just go ahead and buy two or three pairs

9. Made a list like this

10. Taken art lessons

11. Taken ballet lessons

12. Driven a really scary stretch of road--Cameron Pass in Colorado back in the 70's. Oh. My. God. Sheer Terror.

13. Read a book from cover to cover in one sitting -- Oh yeah. Several times

14. Written a letter to your Congressman

15. Changed political parties

16. Made a boat yourself, and sailed in it

17. Worn mismatched shoes by accident

18. Been so happy you wanted to burst into song

19. Watched Barney, as an adult, without becoming annoyed

20. Thought you could walk to Sesame Street

22. Came up with a new recipe

23. Snorkeled or dived a coral reef

24. Been in a shark cage

25. Been told that a character in a Nora Roberts book reminded a friend of you

26. Howled in the car with your kids

27. Loved someone so much your heart hurt--every single day

28. Painted a house--more times than I want to think about.

29. Painted a picture in the style of a famous painter

30. Seen the Mona Lisa

31. Seen the Hope Diamond

32. Been the president of the PTA

33. Sat on Santa's lap...as an adult

34. Lost your spouse

35. Driven a race car--I wanted to, but dh wouldn't let me touch his hobby stock car. :(

36. Eaten fried okra--Love it!

37. Climbed Mt. Everest

38. Seen Mt. Rushmore

39. Saved a baby bird that had fallen from its nest

40. Tried a food you always thought was gross and discovered you loved it -- asparagus, avacados, tuna cassarole

41. Been to Hawaii--spent 2 weeks there. Loved it, wanted to stay.

42. Been to Africa

42. Had an "old-time" picture taken with your family, your friends or alone -

43. Made good friends via the Internet -- Most of my friends are online ones

44. Met a movie star--several. Too many to list, actually. Plus a number of country singers. Got to spend about 20 minutes backstage with Garth Brooks about 14 years ago.

45. Seen the Queen of England in person

46. Indulged in a tinsel fight while decorating the Christmas tree

47. Attended a family reunion

48. Couldn't turn out the lights for the night after reading a Stephen King nove

49. Gone on a cruise

50. Can you remember where you where the day the Challenger exploded? -- Absolutely. I was leading chapel services for a small school. Then had to deal with the shocked kids afterward.


Twojs said...

#1 Didn’t make it but had one off a radio flyer wagon from a little kid in Ensenada Mexico at a flea Market. Awfulness thing I ever tasted.

#2 Yes I have slept in my car. Pulling a Uhual. While moving my daughter back to Azle Texas. Thought I found a nice pull over with big Pine Trees. . I remember the Trees. No Wrong I was about six feet off Hwy Ten out side Peyote. Texas
Trust me there aren’t any trees I was just very tired. “God Loves ME!! “

#5 I catch the sent of a cigar or a pipe sweet smelling, like those swisher sweets, But no one smokes in our house. Has happened several times I use to go see if someone was lurking about but there hasn’t ever been anyone around. And my dogs would have told me if there was. Weird??

#7 I use to think when I was younger like 22 when I was on my own with my oldest daughter and camping in Northern California that I was the Mother Nature type. I caught fish and would clean them and put a stick through them “end to end’ and cook them over a camp fire and then eat them off the stick . (when the stick didn’t burn all they way through).
Now I wouldn’t camp unless it was in our motor home. ;)

#12 Colorado, Scary Rd. Yes… Hwy 25 Monument Pass dead of winter came over the hill and everyone in front of me was all over …Black Ice… The bad part .. I was driving a 1996 Prterbuilt. My husband was a sleep in the sleeper. Came out when I was saying “oh God help me” Jim said “don’t hit the breaks’ that’s all I remember him saying I remember seeing the Hazard sign on the side of our truck in my mirror. (not a good sign) But again I didn’t do a thing “the good Lord did it.” And I got to the side of the hwy. and pulled over I was shaking so bad my teeth were chattering. Another truck had made it to the side and got stopped the driver came up to my door said he never liked women truck drivers. But he had to tell me ‘I did one hell of a job.’ That was a bad winter and I think several people had died in that pile up. But we never touched a one.

#13 I started writing when I was in the 8th grade. My teacher sent home a note from English class telling my prudish mother, my imagination and short stories weren’t age appropriate, What was wrong with a band of outlaws two girls in a cave???
Yes, sometimes I can’t stop reading until I have read the whole book. In one setting.
If it takes all night . My husband has learned accept rolling onto little book lights in bed. When I’ve fallen asleep.

#27 Yes Love hurts! A lot when your kids have turned against you unfairly. Not now they have grown up and that’s water under the bridge However the pain is still in there. Like a scar on your heart.

#28 I had my husband paint our mobile home . Again in Texas and when I went to the store five miles down the road. I could still see the green on the hill . Went on to a store bought paint and we painted it again that afternoon . It was really ugly. Springtown TX.

Tori Scott said...

Wow. My dh used to drive a big rig, but I was never brave enough to try it. He hit one of those black ice situations in the Rockies once. I think that's why he quit driving. :)