Sunday, September 24, 2006

Scam of the Day

If you've thought about buying on, let me give you one word of warning: DON'T! I lost nearly $50 there on a book I'd ordered for my oldest son's birthday--nearly $100 if you consider the fact that I had to buy a second copy elsewhere.

My youngest son is about to lose well over $100 on textbooks he'd ordered for school.

The way the scam artists on work is that the policies are set up in such a way that by the time you follow the proper steps, it's too late to get the charges reversed by the credit card company. And if you pay by debit card, like I did, then you're SOL because the debit card charges won't be refunded.

If my son doesn't get his money back, you're going to hear me scream all the way to court. He's a hard-working honors student, struggling to get by, and he doesn't deserve this. Just so some scum bag can make a few stolen bucks.

The only way to stop them is to get the word out. Either changes its policies, or people quit using the site.

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