Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lunch with My Favorite Noodler

Got to have lunch with Stephanie Feagan yesterday. Two hours of good conversation along with good food--what could be better? Listening to her stories about National really brought home how much I'd missed by not going to Atlanta, but it also made me more determined to make it to Dallas. I've already started cleaning my purse out every night, depositing my change and dollar bills into a coffee can. One can is full, and I've started on the second. I might not be able to afford the conference fee, but at least I can join the Noodlers for lunch one day since I live close enough to drive.

So how do you save up the money for conference trips (those of you who have to budget for such things)?

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LucyMama said...

I save always for everything. Right now I have a big bear shaped cookie jug that I have superglued the lid back on and cut a slit in it and am saving change. I am sure something will come up and I will be glad I have it. If I don't need it before Christmas, I will probably put all the grandson's name in a hat and it will be a special present for one of them.
Or maybe not. Then I will be expected to do it every year. I guess I will just keep saving.