Friday, June 09, 2006

Some new pics

Tony's been playing with his camera again. I'm his not-quite-willing subject matter.

He's also playing with Photoshop. He took a prom picture of me from 1971 and Photoshopped out my date (it wasn't him. )

But my oldest got him back by getting a picture of him.

He got this pretty cool picture of a mama Emu with her chicks while we were on a garage sale outing.


bridget said...

that photo of you with the green background is lovely! You should use it on the WNP site!

Tori Scott said...

Thanks Bridget.

And my friend Valerie Parv pointed out that the emu is probably male rather than female. Seems mama emus get to have a life after children while dad raises the kids.

Wish humans worked that way. :)