Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's My Birthday

When I was a kid, birthday's were a BIG DEAL. I carried those feelings of excitement into my married life, where I got a big shock. Not all families made a big deal out of birthdays! My dh didn't understand why I thought a BIG DEAL should be made of the day I was born. Every one has a birthday. They're kind of like...well, you know.

As I've gotten older, the excitement has died down. Now every year reminds me of dreams that haven't come true and makes me wonder if they will ever happen before I die. Every birthday brings me closer to the time when I'll have my last one. Will I even know it's to be the last? Or will I let it pass by with little fanfare and enthusiasm?

I got the best card from a friend, an e-card that she thoughtfully sent while on a trip to Egypt. The worst part is, I'm horrible at remembering dates. I let friends' and relatives' birthdays slip right by me because I rarely know what day it is. But it was the first card I got, and it just absolutely made my day. It arrived just after midnight, so I have a full 24 hours to enjoy that feeling of being special.

I hope everyone has someone who remembers their birthday and makes them feel special.

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Leslie said...

Ack! Sorry I missed your birthday!! It didn't show up on the calendar at RWU so -- I plead verrrrry blonde on this one, chica.

Sorry also to hear about all the probs your poor family had on your special day. Glad it all worked out tho.

Now... spill girl. Tell me about the e-pubber who wants your book! You need to share with your chica-buds on the boards! We miss you!

Leslie -- congratulating you from about 3 hrs away!!!