Saturday, May 06, 2006

Popped by Pop-ups and some small news

This is a warning to all companies who advertise by putting pop-ups on my computer. Do it, and I won't ever in this lifetime use your services again. Okay, so I'm only one person, but I'm pretty sure these sentiments are reflected by millions of others who hate pop-ups with a passion. I consider any company advertising this way as unethical and borderline criminal. And I'm not talking about the pop ups you get when you visit a website. I'm talking about those ones that come out of the blue when you're surfing. The Windows cleaner, the anti-virus one that first sends you this dire warning that your computer has been infected by some worm. (Yeah, and it's theirs). Like I'm going to just pop over and let you fix it. I'm not that stupid.

Today Expedia decided to join the war on my computer. I've used Expedia in the past to find airline fares, but no more. They just put themselves on my shit list. And yes, I could install a pop up blocker. But then I wouldn't know who to add to my do-not-visit-or-buy-from list.

Same goes for spammers. Spam me, you lose me as a customer. And I know these guys are just shaking in their boots, but hey, I know a lot of people. I'm a writer. I know how to persuade people to think my way when I'm passionate about something. And this is one thing I'm quickly becoming passionate about.

Now for the small news. Got a request for the full of Winner Takes All--something else I'm passionate about. I still love that book. Yes, it could probably use some revision (much as the idea has me shaking in my boots, since it's been revised so much already), but I still love those characters, and I have a sequel idea for it using many of the same characters, but with Suzanne and Stan as heroine/hero. I'm holding off writing it, though, until WTA finds a home. Right now I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but continuing on with the current WIP.

It's a dreary, cloudy day with big thunderstorms threatening this afternoon. We lost some tree branches Friday morning in the big storm that blew through, my daughter's room leaked yet again, but otherwise no real damage. I'd like to keep it that way, Mother Nature, if it's all right with you.


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