Friday, March 29, 2013

I haven't been blogging here on my own spot lately, but I've been doing some blogs for RomCon, Authors of Main Street, and a couple of other places. It's been an eventful couple of weeks. Sales of The Bluest Eyes in Texas are booming, with just over 1000 copies sold so far this month. Not enough to make any of the big lists, but it's been on Amazon's Western best-seller list since it came out in February. Reviews have been great so far, as well. Lord, I do love reviews. They're what keep me writing when it just seems too hard.

Two weeks ago, my husband took a tumble on his Harley and broke all the toes on his right foot. You know this will end up in a book eventually, right? I wonder if I can take his medical care off of my taxes as research. (JUST KIDDING, IRS. Just kidding) But all the emotions, the initial fear, the caring for him--yep, I can use those. If you want to sympathize, here's what his foot looks like.

Actually, it looked a lot worse, but I didn't want to post the really gross ones. Being a typical man, he opted not to have surgery and refuses to stay off of it. What can you do?

Then there's the home repairs. Oh my word. It started out with the roof replacement, where they discovered two huge holes in the roof under the old roofing. Which might be how we ended up needing the front wall of the house replaced. Well, at least a section of it. It's going to be kind of a major deal, because the framing that needs to be replaced is holding up the big dormer and the roof, and part of the second story. One mistake and...I'll leave that to your imagination.

Once the inside repairs and repainting are completed, we have a lot of outside work to do. Painting, replacing a couple of windows, replanting my summer garden, mowing.  Did I mention that hubby broke his foot? Guess you know who's going to have to do most of the work.

But for now, I'm going to be thankful. Thankful my book sales will help pay for the repairs, thankful I still have my wonderful--if temporarily broken--hubby with me, thankful I wasn't on the bike when it crashed, and thankful I have my oldest daughter and two youngest grand kids here for Easter.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with your families and/or friends.

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