Thursday, March 08, 2007

Extreme Makeover-Home Edition

Be sure to visit the Wet Noodle Posse this month (click on the title above and it will take you there) and read the SuperHeroine article. Then don't miss Sunday's edition of Extreme Makeover, where you can view the rest of the story. Have tissues handy. You're gonna need them.

My own home needs an Extreme Makeover. It desperately needs painting (have you SEEN the price of exterior paint these days? Oy!) It needs airconditioning and all new appliances, a new hot water heater. And I need a real office. I've been using the back porch, which the dh closed in for me in a temporary fix, but it's hotter than Hades in the summer and damned cold in the winter. It's dusty (you should see the inside of my computer. Yikes!) and crowded with the 60 one-gallon water jugs we keep filled for drinking and misc stuff that has no where else to go. I feel cramped and crowded and disorganized, and it makes writing a chore.

But my life has been good, and Extreme Makeover is only for people who've had a real tragedy, so there's not much chance one's going to happen here. But I still dream of the day when I can afford a real place to write, a place where I feel comfortable and relaxed.

If I can find the link again, I'll post a pic of my dream office tonight.

Here it dream office. Isn't it gorgeous?

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