Saturday, February 19, 2005

What is beauty?

On one of my loops, we've been discussing whether or not readers want to read about "real-sized" women as heroines. Most are for it, a couple very much against it. As you might guess, the ones for it are "real-sized" women themselves, the ones against are slim women who work hard to stay that way. I have to admit, I'm not the 125 lb size 9 girl my husband married. I've had four kids, a bout with cancer, and a back injury and hernia that make exercising difficult. But does that make me less worthy of finding love?

Well, not me specifically since I have a wonderful dh who loves me anyway. But what about the other millions of women out there who don't wear a size 3? I think this country places way too much value on looks. A hundred years ago, the ideal woman was one who was sturdy enough to withstand hard times and hard work. These ninety-pound weaklings had a hard time back then. Both of my grandmothers were big women. My aunts and great aunts were all big women. My mother, though short, has been big most of her life. Yet they were all healthy, all lived into their eighties or nineties, they worked hard, and were all beautiful women in their own way.

So what's more important? A woman with a perfect body and no compassion? Or a woman with some padding but a heart of pure gold?

I vote for the latter. What about you?



Cearha said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Looks great. And I'm all for reading about real sized women from someone in between....

Tigger2 said...

I agree- I think beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and its about time we step up to the plate and work towards changing the mentality that only slim people are beautiful, successful, happy and sexy. There are a lot of unhappy slender people, and a lot of happy, sexy, fulfilled women who are more generously endowed.

Tori Scott said...

So true, Tigger. Just today I've been reading some posts by women who have so much bitterness inside that I feel contaminated just from reading their writings. Looks are just the outer wrappings. Beauty is the gift inside. Paper and ribbons fade, but a cast iron pot will last forever. :)